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If we found a way to colonize another planet, would you move there?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) August 12th, 2008
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I read that as “colon-ize” as if we haven’t poop-chuted this planet enough. That said (I guess i just don’t see the word colonize that often, or my mind is in a shitty frame), I would certainly want to look at the possibility of being one of the first to get to a new colony on a new planet. My only requirement is that the first ones there are neither rich nor entrepreneurs. I’d want to enjoy nothingness for awhile. When I’m done then you can let in the bigwigs so they can tell me what I need to be happy.

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I’d need basic stuff before I move like a library, a coffee & book shop, a music store, and a decent lounge, if I have that, I’d move anywhere!

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It depends on who else is going. I’d want good company… hearts in the right place, minds open.

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@flameboi: So basically you need a high-end Borders. LOL

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Probably not. It would likely be left to the young and fit. I love the idea of it though.

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Dont count me into this mini utopia. What happens when it suddenly runs out of oxygen from an accident, or adequate food and water. You will be stuck there for at least 2–3 years before a another spaceship can reach you, who knows it might be too late. More so, mind wouldn’t be able to comprehend the fact I am millions of miles away from home. I have a difficult time adapting after being in another country but another planet is just too much for me mentally. Plus, I’ll probably be eating food through tubes for the rest of my life (sorry but I don’t find that very pleasing to the senses).

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Basically, yeah! hahahaha

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No. I might want to go and explore it a bit, but not live there.

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That’s so funny that you ask this – last night I dreamt that I was asked, “What makes YOUR planet so special, then, eh?”

I really depends on what’s going on on the other planet, and why we are going there.

If it didn’t take too long, and I could go with my family, why not? Yes.

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Indeed I would. Sign me up.

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I’d love to be able to say yes. But I couldn’t even deal with the west coast for longer than six weeks. I’m way too attached to the northeast US.

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Well it depends on whether we can breathe free air or if we have to depend on someone to provide the air for us because I don’t wnat to have to depend on anyone for things that is automatic here on earth…Now if you could breathe freely then I would check it out.

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I would consider it if the new planet had no smarshians.

Sueanne_Tremendous , you must have been thinking of Uranus!! ha ha ha!!

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As soon as there were schools and hospitals (and internet) I’d be there.

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Yes. My exploration spirit couldn’t resist. I’d probably sign up to go right away.

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