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My iphone wont ring with incoming calls?

Asked by iphonelaine (7points) August 12th, 2008

Phone wont ring

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1) is it on vibrate
2) is your ringer volume on silent

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is call divert active?

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Vibrate is off and it makes no difference whichever combination of ring/vibrate I choose

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Even when I receive message it only vibrates

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Maybe you aren’t as popular as you think….

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There’s the buttons on the side. I’d push the top one a bunch of times to make sure your ringer VOLUME is up all the way.

If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend a restore via iTunes. If that doesn’t work. Looks like you’ve earned yourself an appointment at the Apple store.

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Have you dropped it? My roommate dropped his and it did the same thing.

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osullivanbr had the very same problem last week with his iPhone it turns out the speaker just blew for no reason.

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Hopefully this is the solution and you’ll be a bit more fortunate than me. Tell me when you try to change the volume using the buttons on the side does it say headphones volume? If it does it is a common enough problem. The phone simply thinks the the headphones are still plugged in. What you need to do is get your headphones and push them in pull the out a few times really quickly. That sorts the problem nine times out of ten. Often enough this problem is just a little dust in the headphone socket.

Best of luck.

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I had this issue with my new iPhone- I took it in to the Apple store and the guy at Apple said that on G3 network often it wont ring. I turned off G3 in network preferences and phone now rings.

So far I am not impressed with G3.

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The iphone has a silent button left hand side ,slide it don’t push. It will ring again if u have any friends.

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The iphone has a silent button left hand side worked thanks Mattymbf!

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