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Can one be an atheist devil worshipper?

Asked by Monshin (13points) August 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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In what I believe is the most common structure of atheism, the one that I subscribe to as do a number of friends and relatives, there is no belief in any higher power. Gods, goddesses, demons, devils, faeries (no offense Tiny), angles, sprites, spirits, and ghosts all fall under the big label of “non-existent”. Rather, we hold science and ration in the utmost regard and believe the “unexplainable” events around us are explainable, just not yet.

Of course, there are weirdos of every faith, or non-faith, and therefore it is possible to find somebody that Claims to be an atheist that worships demons.

I will add that I do not like how many Christians I have met that think atheists and satanists are one of a kind. Not that you all think so, just that a disturbing number of people to. Although I guess the bible tells them so….

This of course excludes the all powerful divine spirit of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who is very real and adds a carbohydratey goodness to all the universe.

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disturbing as that thought is, I think to worship anything would defeat the point of atheism.

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Why not? Almost all the other good gigs are taken. And, seeing as the devil really isn’t a religious figure (as in a sense of evil, not as a fallen angel) an atheist can believe.

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That is to say, believe in the devil or devils, but no God? Possibly, but not the Christian Satan, who depends on the Christian God for his existence. There are devils in other traditions.

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no. There can be no devil without a God.

Why are you even thinking of that? Bored?

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I’m wondering if that freak that was here a few weeks ago is channeling herself in here and asking her Satan questions. If someone asks any Nazi questions, I’m outta here! LOL

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Poof is totally a demon-worshiping Nazi.

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lol, poof. are you talking about gata?

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THAT’S her name!! I couldn’t remember. LOL

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I almost miss that character, she was rather entertaining in a head-wrecking and annoying sort of way

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I don’t think so. I’m atheist. Let me practice and I’ll get back to you.

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You can wear the devil-worshipping style to try & piss off your parents and be a big baby, though.

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appealing… But no.

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Where do devil-worshippers shop?

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Yes, Lucifers’ biggest lie is that he doesn’t exist.

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Non-existent liars…the worst kind. :^(

Do his friends call him Lu or Luci for short? I wonder.

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The worst thing about atheism is you never get any days off. And if youre agnostic you don’t know whether you get them off or not.

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And god’s biggest lie is that he does exist. Ho-hum.

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This is great! No, I wasn’t bored, just curious at the answers I’d get here. I would have said no, given that the idea of the devil has come from Christianity. But…I do think evil exists without that particular construct. I do like Sueanne’s answer above. (I’m most certainly not the “freak” who was here before.)

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damn! was looking forward to more mind-numbing debate-fun!

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Once again Chuckie has me rolling on the floor laughing!

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Nope, but you can be a devil worshiping atheist discordian. Cuz once you put discordian in the mix, you can be just about what ever you want ;-)

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i wanna know where devil worshippers shop too…

as an athiest, i believe in neither god/devil or whatever. Devilsh things are more interesting tho. To me, anyway.

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