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For animal lovers; have you seen this news?

Asked by Patty_Melt (10418points) September 8th, 2017

I have just seen an article posted by Henry Doorley Zoo, in Omaha Nebraska.
An elephant passed away there during a routine surgery.
I was amazed to learn what lengths they went through to observe an elephant’s natural grieving process, they actually had a funeral, of sorts, allowing the other elephants to observe the departed and know he was gone. They then made changes in the barn area to allow for individual grieving needs!
I would say zoos have come a long way, and truly, now there are residents, not exhibits.
I have long enjoyed knowing that zoos provide enrichment opportunities, with birthdays, holidays, and such, but this was a new concept for me, and I like it.

What do you think?

Have you heard of any other zoos providing similar special treatment?

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I hadn’t heard of this but sure, I support it 100%. I did know Elephants do grieve over herd members losses, loss of their calves. Anything to make the animals in captivity happier and healthier on all levels, by all means.

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I hadn’t heard. That’s very cool. Elephants clearly have a sense of community and form lifelong attachments to each other. I bet that zoo has some good interesting staff. Thanks for sharing!

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I haven’t heard but that is very interesting.

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