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Have you ever mistakenly gone to the wrong funeral or wedding or other event, not to crash but totally by accident?

Asked by jca (36046points) September 9th, 2017

This summer, the husband of a friend passed away. I googled the funeral parlor and double checked the date and time. I put it in my GPS and went to the funeral parlor. I went inside, signed the book, saw a photo of the deceased who looked like he was in his early 30’s. I know my friend is about in her early 60’s so I thought “this must be an old photo.” It soon occurred to me that I was in the wrong service. I found out from the funeral director that there are two funeral parlors by the same name, about five miles apart. I had to go to the other one. I was reminded of this when I just received a thank you card from the family of the “wrong” deceased. They had my name and address from when I signed the guest book.

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When I worked part time as a clown.
Went there early in the morning, when it was still dark, and hid in a box to jump out for a surprise when the festivities were to begin.
So come the crowds assembly, and burst out of the box, and shouted “surprise”, tooting my rack of vuvuzelas.
Scared them near to death, and some ran off crying.
Turned out I went to the wrong place, the party was a funeral, and the box was the coffin.

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I have, but it wasn’t as big of a mistake as yours was @jca. There were two funerals going on in two different parlors at the same funeral home. I signed the book and got halfway up to the casket before realizing my mistake.
I like that you got a thank you card!

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@ragingloli – That can’t be real..feels like you’re making it up for some fun..)

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Yes, I have.
I think I told it once before on here, so I’ll have a search.
Just a sec…..

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Oh, that could so happen to me @jca! But, generally speaking, I don’t do funerals.

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not yet :D

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Almost. A funeral, right memorial park wrong chapel. We figured it out when we realized the deceased was a woman and not the man we were looking for. haha
I also had a wedding crasher at my wedding. Everyone partying it up and some guy started playing the piano.

He was really good, he had been playing for about an hour when people started asking who he was. We finally figured out he just strolled into the house, it was a summer evening, nice neighborhood, my exes parents home and decided to play some music. Just some neighborhood man that decided to crash the party, funny, nobody was upset. haha

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I went to the wrong Bar Mitzva. The synagogue had a main sanctuary, and a smaller chapel. It apparently was a busy weekend :-) and there were Bar Mitvas taking place in both.

I went to the sanctuary, didn’t see anyone I knew, so I asked an usher and was pointed to the chapel (which was correct).

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Well, I went to the wrong bar once, in the 70’s. My girlfriend and I decided to take off to Tulsa to go to this cool bar we’d heard about.
We get there. It took about 30 minutes, and she figured it out before I did….it was a gay bar.
That was interesting!
We had fun and we learned stuff.
We stayed at a motel that night, then my friend went into an agony of guilt for enjoying herself in such a venue. Being a Catholic really sucks.

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I was supposed to go to a wedding with a few friends at the Hilton here and we missed it by just a few doors. We were pretty loaded and had downed some pills so a messy bunch of hooligans.

We accidentally ended up at the Symantec Christmas party. The funny part is my sister worked at Symantec and was at the party. There were bottles of wine on the tables so we started loading up our backpacks and eventually got kicked out. I have never seen my sister roll her eyes so hard.

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It was YEARS ago. I’ve kinda forgotten about it.

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Not that I can remember. Great story though.

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I went to the wrong wedding once. What was worse was it was my own. I’m now happily divorced.

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