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How long can I keep a whole pizza in the freezer and still eat it?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (11851points) September 9th, 2017

Just two medium pizza hut one topping pepperoni pizza . In the original pizza box . In General. I have tin foil just in case.

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You can keep it there for as long as you own the freezer, I suppose.

EDIT: Ah, well, if you’re going to change the question…

Now it depends on your squeamishness when you eat. I know some people who couldn’t eat a Pizza Hut™ pizza when it’s freshly baked out of the oven. I’m not one of those people.

But you “can” eat that pizza after months, even with that kind of storage. It’s doubtful that you would want to… but you could.

What’s going to happen in the freezer, starting from the moment you put it there – in that container – is that the freezing process is going to continue to dessicate the thing. If you want it to be “acceptably edible” after more than a day or two, then you need to have it sealed in some kind of container (Ziplock™ bags are better, but aluminum foil, properly sealed, will work) to contain the moisture in the product. And then… indefinitely.

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The downsides of freezing it: (trust me on this…)

1) the pizza will freeze and stick to the cardboard carton. When you try to get a slice or two out, the pizza will rip. So you’ll have torn-apart pizza.

2) when you want to eat it, you’ll have to wait a while for it to thaw. That means pizza has to be planned; it is not an impulse food.

3) Pizza, after being frozen, is pretty awful.

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@elbanditoroso @CWOTUS Done. Sealed in tin foil. Thanks for the advice

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Seal in air-tight plastic freezer bags.

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How long? About ten minutes after it gets to your home, to give it that “next morning” taste. After that, forget it.

That’s why frozen pizzas aren’t already cooked.

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Do not keep it in the original box.

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Why not just buy a frozen pizza from the grocery?

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Just get some frozen pizzas. That Pizza Hut is going to taste like ass after a day or two in the freezer.

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Out of the cardboard box asap. Into freezer bags asap. Best if you freeze it in 2 or 3 slice groupings with wax paper or freezer paper between the slices. It’ll last months that way. Warm/re-heat in toaster oven or oven. Do NOT put it in the microwave. Don’t microwave dough .

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Hell, I don’t know. Let me ask you something. If you fill a pool with dry ice, can you swim without getting wet?

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