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Which institution do I contact for this?

Asked by Mariah (25284points) September 9th, 2017

I have a transfer of money occurring monthly from a checking account at one institution to a savings account at another. I vaguely recall that I set it up online, but I don’t remember whether I did it through the bank that’s sending or receiving the money, and I can’t find anything on either website to stop it. Any idea how I can figure out which of them I should call to get it stopped? The less time I can spend on the phone with customer services, the happier I am.

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Time spent is well worth it, call both.

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If it is really a transfer from one bank account to another, then I would tend to expect it to be set up at the bank where the money comes from.

I’d look at the web site of the institution where the money comes from, for a section about setting up payments, or even try their FAQ for setting up regular payments or transfers. If I failed to find it, then I’d call that financial institution’s customer service.

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I don’t think it will be done online. You’ll have to call customer service / visit branch for that to happen at the source bank. What was the purpose it was set up? Getting the information related to that can help you figure where it was done.

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Some banks have a specific number for website issues, having that number might save you time.

Usually, transfers are set up at the bank you are sending from, but I can tell you with Charles Schwab specifically, for some reason, we (the company I work for) do the transfer on the website of the company we transfer to. Meaning, I transfer money to CS, and I do it on the CS website.

But, the reason I lean towards it being initiated in the bank you transfer from is because it’s a reoccurring transfer.

Can you tell us what bank it is? Maybe one of us know where on the website you can see your reoccurring transfers.

If you are looking at a mobile site, look at the full site, because the full site often has more information.

If you go into transfers or payments you should see an edit button to click on. Check both. Many banks have “bill pay” completely separate from transfer.

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@JLeslie Has a point with the mobile versus full web-site, many things on the full website may not be transferred to a mobile (Flash etc ). A few minutes sitting on the phone or at a desk of officer of the “Bank” that is sends the transfer will reduce the concern and make you happier.

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Probably you have done this already, but in case not…

On each site follow the steps to initiate a transfer. There will be a list of accounts you can use. External accounts may be a separate list. Is the other bank’s account there?

That would be necessary for the initiating bank, where you can cancel.

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^^Great point.

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I too would expect whichever institution is forking over the money to be the one in control, as well as the one with the greatest incentive to speedily accommodate you.

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I too would expect whichever institution is forking over the money to be the one in control,

I would not make that assumption. I use online banking where a transfer can be scheduled in either direction. I linked an account from another institution and I can send it money or take money from it.

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If the money was important to me I’d sure as hell want a human in on the process with me. A paper trail and a witness.

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