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Hurricanes spawn tornadoes. Do they get any of the other kinds of weather we (in Kansas) expect with tornado formation, like hail?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40385points) September 10th, 2017

Or is it a completely different set of circumstances that cause them?

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I just googled it and I can’t link it and don’t have time to read it but there’s lots on “why is hail rare in a hurricane?” I googled “can a hurricane have hail?”

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Hail is produced in a “Supercell” which is in a line of storms or stand alone thunderstorm. The convection and lift in a thunderstorm like a supercell moves air and water/ice up in a vertical movement. Hurricanes are swirling thunderstorms formed around “the eye of the storm” and less likely to have the lift to make hailstones.

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Well, you’re from Kansas, go ask Dorothy or the Tin Man. All I can say, is 100% chance of weather today.

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I’ve been through dozens of hurricanes/tropical storms. I never saw hail…

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In a hurricane, the water is moving mostly horizontally, rather than up into the air. It’s the same reason they don’t usually have lightning, either, unless they are strengthening.

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Sure enough clear here! It’s beautiful!

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