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Why is USC ranked number 2?

Asked by buzzpoet (59points) August 12th, 2008

How is USC ranked over Ohio State in the preseason polls? I know the preseason polls are bunch of crap, but the coach’s poll should be an assesment of the teams on paper.

Ohio State returns 9 starters on both sides of the ball, we have a legitimate heisman candidate in Beanie Wells.

How does USC stack up better to Ohio State on paper or on the field?

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Don’t worry about it. When we kick their ass a month from tomorrow, it will change.
Go Bucks.

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USC didn’t lay an egg in their last two bowl games.

It will work itself out in month. Go Bucks!

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:D thanks

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USC didn’t lay an egg in their last two bowl games.

HAHAHAHAHA! It’s true!

I’m a UF fan, I have to second that statement.


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