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Have you ever met with an accident?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) September 12th, 2017

Was it major or minor? How did it affect your life? Do you feel nervous when going through similar situation?

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I think you need to be at least slightly more specific. Do you mean an accidental automobile collision? Or slipping on the stairs? Both? I’ve done both.

Slipping and tripping has given me scars and body injuries and affected the way I relate to my physical body, danger, carefulness, running in socks, etc.

Being in car accidents has also affected my thinking about danger driving and being a passenger in cars. I’m more aware of what can happen, and the potential for sudden great danger and consequences, which sometimes makes me a little nervous, at least in different circumstances and ways than before, but it also has me managing my driving differently, noticing more risks and taking fewer of them.

The greatest effect that comes to mind was actually from very near accidents that I barely avoided (by some amazing driving). The biggest effect those had was to get me to notice that I had not been caring for my own safety much before that, which had me realize the extent of my depression and to change my life to correct the sources of the depression, because it was clear part of me that I’d been avoiding facing, was miserable. The biggest turning point for the better in my life.

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@Zaku – I meant car accidents / accidents related to driving to be specific.

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I hit a the ditch on a sheet of black ice with a 83 foot tractor trailer,and yeah it scared the crap out of me, I would like to think I learned from it.
I have been in line behind countless other accidents, waiting for the authorities to get the road clear, and would say at least 90% of those are from distracted drivers,and idiots being totally impatient , and they don’t ever seem to learn.

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While on a long turn, an oncoming vehicle crossed the double yellow line, and hit my car head on.
She got out of the car laughing. I was wondering if my back was broken.

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I’ve never had a major auto accident, but I’ve had a few nasty scrapes.

In one, my then-father in law, a lovely, generous man who was in the back seat, unbelted, flew off the seat of landed in a heap on the floor. He wasn’t knocked out but it took us a few minutes to determine how he was. He was okay, but sadly and ironically, his car was t-boned at an intersection and he was killed.

Two years ago my Nissan Altima was dragged by a semi around an intersection corner. The driver side of my car was caved in, but somehow I escaped unharmed except for a fear of driving that lasted a month.

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