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Are you looking forward to new iPhone launch?

Asked by imrainmaker (7253points) September 12th, 2017

Are you excited about it? Gonna buy one for you or someone else?

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Not for $1,200. Mildly curious about technology advances.

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I am as it’s always interesting to see what Apple are upto however I’m not as excited as I used to be in the early days.
Probably won’t buy it though. At least not yet.

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Waste of money. Android – even the top of the line – is $400 less.

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I like my small 6SE that fits in my pocket so not in a rush.

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I already have too many other overpriced items with which I’m obsessed.

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Not sure who in their right mind would pay over $1,000 for a phone. Other than the fact that they are pretentious and want to look cool/ show off their money. I had an android phone last me almost 6 years until it just shut off and won’t turn on. Everyone I knew who had an iPhone went through like 2–3 of them in those 6 years.

My android could do everything the other phones could do, take pictures, make calls/text (It was actually disconnected from phone plans so it couldn’t do that after a while, but it had the ability), download apps, music, etc. Only downsides were camera quality and some apps wouldn’t update because phone version was out of date.

In short, I am looking forward to seeing all the dumbasses willing to pay an excessive amount of money for a device that probably won’t even last them 2–3 years.

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Not much I am still very fond of my 4 year old Android phone.

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I’ll be curious to hear about it, but my 5 still works fine, it will be a while before I upgrade. I tend to lag far behind on trends, I have short legs, I can never keep up.

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If you have read any of my rants about smart phones, what do you think?

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A thousand bucks for a new phone??!! Meh!

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A thousand bucks for a new iPhone? Apple’s rich enough already.

I LOVE Apple products but heck, I’m happy with my Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Not even a little. I have a phone. It’s not an iPhone. I really can’t see what this phone does that makes it worth the cost.

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Not impressed too much with the X. I like OLED and I hope all future iPhones have OLED displays, but otherwise I don’t see how FaceID is better than TouchID. I’ve been using TouchID for years now. If I get a new phone this year, it’ll be the 8, not the $1000 X.

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According to this article the phones are ranging from 999$ to 1800$-ish (In Australia). the more expensive one is made up of stainless steel and glass (HA! Good luck if you drop it) They are taking of the home button so it’s one really big screen. Also adding better facial recognition for unlock and all this other useless BS.

It has wireless charging so they are probably going to remove the port too if they haven’t already.

I honestly don’t know why this pisses me off so much. I am not even sure what is getting me mad more, to be honest. The fact that they are literally charging almost $2000 for a phone, or that people are actually going to buy it. Especially when androids are less than $500. there is definitely a social influence going on with this.

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If you want super tech in a phone, then don’t forget RED Hydrogen.

Prepare to see more of these super personal systems.

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I use Panasonic CM-1.

It’s a phonecamera… not a cameraphone. They actually make this as a camera only model. A full one inch sensor with lens control front dial. The photo/video quality is far above what any small sensor iPhone can provide.

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Other places will have it for much cheaper, no need to spend that kind of money. Never had an iphone and never will. I’m satisfied with my ipad, it virtually does the same thing except it can’t call.

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