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Do you think that businesses that deal with cash experience a lot of theft from employees?

Asked by jca (35979points) September 13th, 2017

What leads me to ask this? The hairdresser that I’ve been going to for almost 20 years recently had to fire their receptionist. The lady had been there about 10 years and they found out she was stealing tips. The gas station where I go and sometimes talk with the owner told me she had to fire a kid that worked there, that they found was stealing from them. Just two examples recently and both came as a surprise, especially the receptionist at the hairdresser.

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Might be that these kind of businesses deal with it more, but I know, from the Netherlands anyway, that all businesses deal with theft from staff (from down to up).
The amount of money involved was staggering, I can recall.
It ranges from stealing post-it notes, to tools, to cash, to fraudulous banking.
Some people, by the way, think that ‘borrowing/taking home some elastic bands doesn’t count as theft, but it does.
That that isn’t yours, isn’t yours.
Or mine.

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No doubt. I had a kid who worked for us at the shop. Suddenly, one day, I just knew he was going to steal our cash box. I can’t remember exactly what tipped me off. I took the money out and put a note in that said, “Watch your back, asshole.”
Yep. Next morning cash box was gone and I never saw that kid again.

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