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How do I become more comfortable?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 13th, 2017

Good food, good friends ect. What are some simple and complex activities that I can do to become more comfortable?

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<<<<<<Smile like a submarine white tiger fish.

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Nothing wrong with having aspirations and goals.

Where it gets hard is understanding the path of getting there, and realizing it takes work, effort, patience, and dedication.

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Get a reclining desk chair and invest in the stock market. You can use ETrade, Scottrade or other vehicles.

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You just completely changed the question and your discussion!

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@zenvelo I never realized how much effort it takes to be lazy.

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By stopping being lazy and getting out to get what you want.

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Just do things that you enjoy, and not what others like.

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Breathing exercises for one. Eating healthily for two. Do things that you can be proud of for three.

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Try doing volunteer work. It will get you out of your apartment, put you in contact with others and provide you with an opportunity to think of people other than yourself.

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Take a walk for 30 minutes twice a day. It will help relax you and you’ll get to see the world.

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Just get out more, and try to be personable. Be friendly with people you meet, avoid people you take a dislike to. Be yourself. Get outside and get some fresh air, maybe take a road trip if you can afford to, even just a little one day jaunt, to a nearby area you’ve never been to.

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