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What interesting titbit have you learned recently?

Asked by rebbel (33254points) September 13th, 2017

Today I asked a colleague of mine a retired watch maker if he ever heard of clocks or watches that only make sound every two seconds, as opposed to every one.
He hadn’t.
But he told me something that I never heard of before, and I thought was really interesting.
Apparently, in the olden days, special barber clocks were made.
You guessed it: viewed in the mirror, they showed the time, going clockwise.
Meaning the clockwork was running anti clockwise.

Have you heard/learned about something (recently) that left you in awe?

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That guacamole was made from avocadoes. Still working on what a non-sequitor means. What pro-rating is.

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The 12th US president, Zachary Taylor, has 2 grandsons who are alive today.

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That Scientology members are wealthy sheep that are easily fooled by nonsense.

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@rebbel special barber clocks were made.

I remember seeing them at the local barber shop when I was growing up.

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That there are more airplanes in the ocean than submarines in the sky

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That sows are pregnant 3 months/3 weeks/ 3 days !

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I found some interesting YouTube videos called Prager U. A right wing explained view point that makes me wonder.

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I didn’t know Gandhi had a really really nasty dirty secret side.

I wish I’d never watched. I wish I’d remained ignorant in my blissful fixity of assumption.

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Human babies are so dependent because humans have more developed brain than other animals. In order for a species to be mentally intelligent it needs to have a large brain. But human’s body size simply doesn’t allow that kind of shit, so a baby has to be produced incomplete. The baby needs some time to fully develop its brain after birth until it reaches the sufficient amount if intelligence. It’s like the body is saying “Look, we can’t complete this product right now due to lack of time and resources. Would you mind just settle down with the incomplete one for the time being? We’ll add the rest of its features gradually, we promise.”

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If you have any interest in math, I hope that you will find this to be of interest, which is the next to the last tidbit that I learned.

The last thing that I learned, just this morning on NPR, is about the existence of and effort to save the Hellbender salamander, which grows to 2 feet in length and is covered with mucus.

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That “hisself” is technically grammatically correct.

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I always find that Dennis Prager makes ridiculous, sweeping generalizations and fallacy laden arguments in the articles that he writes. Especially this one

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You’re thinking of John Tyler

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Right you are. Even more impressive, too – he was the 10th president.

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How about Steven Tyler…Living On The Edge

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