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Have you had your eyelashes turn inward and stick you in the eye?

Asked by Aster (18665points) September 13th, 2017

I was awakened with the feeling of a pebble in my eye. I did everything I could think of: made it water by pulling the lid downward, dabbing it with Kleenex, etc but for a solid hour I was awake and it hurt. Finally for some reason it stopped. The next day I read up on it. I read that eyelashes can turn inward and stick you in the eye and the treatment is to get each eyelash pulled out by a doctor. That did not appeal to me so I thought the next time it happens I’ll just use an eyelash curler to make them curl upward and it worked! It hasn’t happened since those two times but I bet it will again.

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Yes. I rubbed it will my fingers until it broke off.

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^^^^^. I’d never try that. It might make the eyelash scratch the surface of the eye. Or it could make many eyelashes do that. Just get an eyelash curler.

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damnedest thing I ever heard. Your eyelashes sound more like brushes!

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Drowning used to be my #1 fear.. It is now #2.

This is me

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Yes! I get small ones or used to, that grew inwards and an optician pulled them out with tweezers. Not sure why we can’t do it ourselves?

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^^^^^^^. we can do it ourselves but, as I said, I use an eyelash curler and they go up and away from the eyeball.

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Why do you think NK would ever honor a deal?

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