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What is your ultimate weakness?

Asked by dopeguru (1894points) September 13th, 2017

I think I am absolutely insane in romance, and I’m beating myself about it because everybody I’m involved with ends up distancing themselves from me, saying I’m awful. Its a problem. My friend said “humans have issues and insecurities they deal with and its different for everyone.”
So my conflicting area is romance, what about yours?

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Attendance and handwriting.

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I am aging.

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Peanut planks . Used to be Krispy Kremes.
I suppose by “weakness” you meant something negative or harmful like smoking that you can’t easily resist.

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My tendency towards anxiety makes me hesitant to take risks or pursue new opportunities.

Also, my body is actively destroying itself, but….meh.

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Getting out of bed my cozy, heated waterbed on a cool morning when the attic fan is pulling air over me.

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“Can’t” was not a part of my vocabulary, then a multiple injury accident, and later fibromyalgia, now can’t is my all day, every day nemesis.

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Ice cream and other wicked desserts.

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Women, fast vehicles and alcohol.

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Holy powers.

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Dog noses, needing to be kissed. I just can’t walk past.

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Kisses. I just melt.

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4 words:

“I love you, Dad!”

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Maybe being a dope guru is not a positive in your life.

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Junk food. I never met a Big Mac didn’ like. And I know its not healthy but I don’t care. I’m gonna die anyway.

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