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Are there still any existing reverse phone number lookups that don't want to sell a service?

Asked by CWOTUS (26052points) September 13th, 2017

Do you recall in the early days of the internet when it was possible to do quick and easy – and free! – reverse lookups of phone numbers to find out the owner and (in the case of landlines) location of the caller, based on that information? We could do it with a very simple query to any number of sites, and the basic information was always available. Nowadays, it seems like the technology has improved – but everyone wants to sell you a “report” on whoever owns the phone. I just want to know if this is a call that I should bother about returning, or just delete from my caller list. And I’d prefer not to call back at all if it just appears to be a wrong number or worse, a telemarketer.

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I still use .
When I receive a telemarketing call I log it at . I figure I’m helping the next person.

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