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Is it possible to post a permalink on the tablet on Fluther?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 13th, 2017

If so how?

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This is an unclear question, so I am asking for clarification.

Do you mean to post a permalink on Fluther via tablet? Sure. The permalink would be imbedded in a question or in an answer to a question.

Post a permalink somewhere using your table to bookmark a specific question on Fluther? Sure.

If nether of these are what you are asking, please be more precise in phrasing your question by explaining what you are trying to do.

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Right now I’m using a desktop computer, so I hover to the right of “Thank zenvelo” the flag shows up, and I hover over the flag it says “Permalink for this response” I click the flag. But when using the tablet, the flag doesn’t show up.

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iPad mini here. If I tap just barely to the right of the “Flag as…” notice, the red “paragraph” symbol appears. Then, the link to the quip is in the address bar. From there, you should be able to copy/paste it to something. (I’ll give it a try).

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That’s Chyna’s response to the “Does anybody remember me?” Q in Meta.

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Thank you @zenvelo.

Thank you @canidmajor. Testing:

Did I read someone or more than one person that they can’t post a link on their smartphone or tablet, something like that.

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