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I am having problems when I go to can you help me?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7433points) August 12th, 2008

Whenever I try and watch a video on youtube, I can only play in increments of 2 seconds before it just freezes…and I’m not getting any sound? I can visit other websites and get video feed and sound….what is going on? I’ve tried refreshing the site repeatedly and the same thing just keeps happening. The entire video loads through, but I can’t watch it!!

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strange…I just found that Safari works fine, but my FireFox isn’t working…it’s the latest edition of FireFox, and I’m running it on a mac…anyone else having the same problem, ways of fixing it?

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Try updating your flash.

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where do I get the update at? I checked for updates under the firefox “help” tab and none were available.

mrjadkins's avatar – Go and install Flash and Shockwave players. Be in Firefox when you install them.

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thanks guys, did the trick =)

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