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What has been Trump's worst decisions as president so far?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5441points) September 16th, 2017

Even if you are a Trump supporter it is clear he has made quite a lot of highly questionable turns.

A top five list will suffice.

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“Build the wall and Mexico will pay for it.”

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1.The very idea that he should be President.

2.The transparent attempts to ban Muslims from the country.

3.The regressive and logistically moronic decision to ban gays from the military.

4 The asinine wall and preposterous idea that anyone with an IQ above 35 believes Mexico will finance it.

5. The failure to understand that a career defined by a lifetime of shady dealings and sharp practices is unlikely to withstand the close scrutiny associated with a criminal investigation.

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Trump is not a decisive president. He says one thing only to contradict himself in the next minute. The overarching worst decision was that of the American public who have elected someone entirely unsuitable as president.

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Dr Ben Carson as Head of Hud
Devros as Educational Secretary
other with zero governmental experience heading up major agencies and departments
The very notion that we have a President who once was recorded saying “just grab em by the pussy.”

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Siding with Neonazis.

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Running for office.

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He is a Hot Mess so everything.

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I was going say running for POTUS in the first place, but I see someone beat ne to it. But it has all been downhill from there. The man is not qualified and doesn’t have the intellect for the job.

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For me, as someone who cares most about the environment, and who would point out that apart from full-scale war, it has the most capacity for permanent or long-lasting effects, I would point to his environmental misdeeds:

* Reversal of clean air and water/pollution regulations (especially anything done during Obama) (There are 13 examples in this article which only covers the timeline through June. A big YES to previously-prohibited dumping of mining waste into waterways.
* Withdrawing from Paris climate agreement
* Appointing EPA-suing lawyer, fossil fuel darling & general terrible person Scott Pruitt as EPA head.
* Slashing the EPA budget
* Approving drilling in the Arctic national refuge in Alaska
* Lifting a moratorium on coal mining on federal land
* Starting a review of dozens of national monuments to see if they could be scrapped or resized to allow better access for oil and gas drilling
* Calling for rapid approval of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines
* Applying his general idiocy & rejection of input from scientists left & right.

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He is a fucking racist… Full-stop. Not open for debate. If you support him and you don’t make over 250K a year you are a racists too. Or you are stupid.. That fits too.

I watched Real-Time with Bill Maher last night and there was a lot of hand-wringing about Trump voters being upset that liberals think they are stupid. Yeah. I think you are stupid and racists. So fuck right off.

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The red cap, he looks so much more pretty in the white one

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I would’nt call the motherfucker racist, bigoted, ignorant and incompetent sure but not racist.

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