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A question about planet "Jupiter"?

Asked by Sam4One (139points) September 16th, 2017

I was looking for something online and suddenly came across this information..

It states that Jupiter is not orbiting the Sun? Is it true or just another one of the NASA rumors?

I looked for the proof, some says it is true but others clearly denies calling it BS.

I know our Sun is orbiting the galactic center and the planets are moving along with the Sun but this thing is new to me… Could anyone shed some light on this and explain the heck is going on !

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Jupiter is orbiting the sun and has been for millions of years before the Internet was invented.

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It’s just a bit of nonsesnse to confuse the rubes. The sun and planets actually orbit the center of all the mass in the solar system. But since better than 99.9% of that mass is in the sun, the sun’s orbit barely amounts to a wobble

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It’s not a NASA rumour. Jupiter’s large mass and significant distance from the Sun means that it orbits around a barycenter just outside of the Sun’s surface.

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OMG!! How can anyone in 2017 give even a second’s worth of credence in such hogwash.

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Here’s a simple explanation of the barycenter and how Jupiter and the sun interact with it, from NASA directly.

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@Muad_Dib A simple yet explanatory answer. Those GIF’s are quite helpful… Thanks all.

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The true meaning gets lost (and sensationalized) when the statement is shortened to fit a single Tweet.

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