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For someone's 75th birthday, what might serve as a symbolic or virtual diamond?

Asked by Jeruba (51918points) September 16th, 2017

He has no use for actual diamonds. He won’t want a T-shirt, no matter what slogan is on it. He isn’t going to take a trip, and he doesn’t want a wall plaque or framed memento.

Still, I’d like to give him something special that makes 75 a little easier to take.

Something diamond-shaped? something that alludes to diamonds? or at least something of carbon?

For the latter, I suppose anything organic would do, but that seems a little crude.

I need ideas. Thank you.


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75, $1 scratch lotto tickets. No mess and minimum clean up. You might find a diamond or playing card theme.

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A crystal paperweight? Possibly engraved. Or a crystal decanter and a set of glasses.

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If it exists, and if he drinks alcoholic beverages: a 75 year old wine or brandy?
Or a record or cassette with music from 55 to 60 years ago (you would need to know his taste, and his record collection (and what is lacking))?
A T-Shirt that says: “I dislike T-Shirts, especially those with slogans on it”?

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What about a petrified wood fossil? Beautiful, symbolic and examples can be found a range of price points.

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Or a set of playing cards and a crib board.

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Any chance that he likes baseball? A number of books have been published about baseball parks, both past and present, easily found with a quick internet search.

I’m a lifelong fan. For me, the word “diamond” evokes Fenway Park rather than Harry Winston.

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Can you create slam book with pics / messages from family members / his close friends without his knowledge? It would involve some extra effort on your part but can be quite memorable!!

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My first thought was to track down a Beatles tribute band’s local performance, treat your friend to dinner, and and request Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

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Are we supposed to get diamonds on our 75th birthday? I never knew that. If his birthday is this month he’s a sapphire, so you can’t mean that.

I like the crystal paperweight idea if it is indeed a diamond birthday.

What about one of those books of the year he was born in with all the history that was made that year? Something to flip through. Get two or three cards. One funny, one serious, one that just strikes your fancy.

I wrote about 40 or 50 in a few mass emails asking people to send a card and pass the word that my husband was turning 50. He received about 30 I think. Every day for over a week he had cards in the mail. Judi gave me that idea. Some of the cards were from people he didn’t know, but I know them. A few were from jellies.

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Maybe a silver dollar from 1942 (birth date). I know I carry a silver dollar as my good luck piece and have done so for many years now. I can’t think of anything diamond related but at least it’s not a tee shirt.

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Let us know what you choose.

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For Mom’s 75th(?) birthday, I asked the relatives to send a list of fond/ fun memories of her; 25 from each of her four children and 10 from each of the eight grandchildren. They were collected, typed up folded into little slips and put in a crystal candy dish with a lid.

Like your uncle, she didn’t really need anything. The gift was a hit. We had a blast having her read them out loud and filling us in when someone asked for the background story. She kept the container on her bedroom dresser and would occasionally pull one out for a quick emotional boost.

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