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Could you recommend some futuristic / sci-fi style music (similar to ELO)?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5479points) September 18th, 2017

When I say futuristic music, I mean songs with a futuristic or science fiction narrative.

For example ‘The Way Life’s Meant To Be’ was recorded in the 1980s by ELO as a musical depiction of life in the late 21st century. Any recommendations of similar music by different artists?

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Kraftwerk maybe?
The Man Machine
Made in 1978, by some considered to be still ahead of time.

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Before I saw @rebbel‘s answer, I also thought of Kraftwerk.

There used to be an after midnight radio show in the 70s called Space Pirate Radio that played a lot of Kraftwerk. The link has some other music that might interest you.

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Try Jonn Serrie. I really enjoy “Planetary Chronicles”. and “And the Stars Go with You”

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Kraftwerk totally different to ELO

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