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Can any jellies affected by Hurricane Maria check in here when safe?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13113points) September 18th, 2017

Hurricane Maria is the latest weather system to cause havoc this year. She is currently a Category 5 and she’s heading for the Carribean. Can any of our friends affected by Maria, check in here and let us know you are safe once you are able.

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What, another? Again? Come on! :(

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And I meant Caribbean! Ugh. I wish we could edit our posts/questions for longer.

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I have been in contact with Espiritus_Corvus. He is currently staying in a hotel in Guadeloupe with a generator power and so far he’s doing ok, just a bit short of resources. He’s staying in a concrete laundry room with a tech guy ready to help him. He’s having 200 km/hr plus winds and 10 inches of rain, but everything may be over by 1 a.m his time.

He can’t post here by himself because his connection is too weak, so I’m helping him out here. He’s alive and well.

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EC is like The Flying Dutchman, he will round the Cape, if it takes till Judgment Day. Give it what fer, EC!

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I hear Puerto Rico is dead center in the storm’s sights.

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In a laundry room at the hotel. We are OK. The worst is over. We have a very narrow band of internet via a satcomms unit. It is very difficult to post here. More later.

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Glad you are ok, EC. Tell Maria to take a hard right for me.

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Mareeeeeaah! I just met a girl named Mareeeeeeeaaaah!

LOL. We got Cat three winds for a few hours and it’s a mess outside. Tropical storm force winds now. I’m sure there are casualties. We’re still in the laundry room waiting for transport to a high school gym, an emergency shelter near the airport. We expect military flights out this afternoon. I’ll take anything going south and figure out how to get back to St Lucia from there. In the meantime, I’m hoping to do something as a nurse in the shelter to keep busy. So, we’re packed and ready to go. They said they will get here when they get here, and that is good enough for me. It must be a 110F in here.

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I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful for all the Qs that have been keeping everyone updated on how jellies in the hurricanes’ paths are doing. I’m also really grateful that everyone is okay.

110F! Stay cool, EC!

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Hang in there, Crow, ol’ buddy. Here’s a song to lift your spirits!

…and they ca-a-a-ll the wind Ma-ri-a!

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Thanks, you guys. All of you.

There was a question not long ago about pet peeves. There were some people on that thread who felt strangers who sent their well-wishes from thousands of miles away rang false. Not true. When you are in a disaster and you see perfect strangers from a world away showing empathy, it has an impact. It is important. It feels good.

I am in a shelter with about a thousand, wet, dirty, hungry people at the moment. Many have lost everything they have worked for their whole lives. These good thoughts are meaningful to them. They feel less like they are on some god-forsaken island ravaged savagely by nature and forgotten by the rest of the world. It is important.

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Hugs to you, and thoughts of dryness and rest to all around you.

I am glad you are there with them, and they with you, and that you are all safe.

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So glad you are okay @Espiritus_Corvus. I have certainly been thinking of you.

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Espiritus Corvus, what can I fix you to eat when the storm blows over? Glad to know that you are hunkered down, relatively safe.

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We landed at Kingstown, St. Vincent at 1am via Her Majesty’s Coast Guard C-130. No hotel rooms available, of course, but Liat Air is saying there will be a regularly scheduled flight to Castries at 06:40 and another at 2:30pm. So, we’ll just hunker down in front of the Liat counter and get some sleep. Place is full of people from the Leewards in transit out. The vending machines are completely empty. We still have some MREs from the boat. When I’m sure we’re headed home, I’ll hand them out to some family. The water is good here.

In reference to my last post above, here is the link to the Dominican News Online. If any of you would like to leave best wishes to these people, you can do it through the Letters to the Editor. Those thoughts from far away will be appreciated, trust me.


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LOL. Your best vegetarian dish suited for a meat lover would be very nice right now, Kardamom. Turn me on to something new. Thank you.

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Espiritus Corvus, here you go my friend Sesame Ginger Whole Roasted Cauliflower

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That looks delicious and simple to make, K. I will definitely do that.

Home safe and sound. My dogs are ecstatic, the barn cats were not amused and my mare looks pissed off. Nothing terrible happened to the animals or land, except my melipona beehives and chickens were spread to the four winds, so I’ll try to find a live queen, patch the coop so the prodigals will have something to return to, and start over again tomorrow. Now for a shower and to dive under some nice cool sheets in the a/c.

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So glad you are home safe and sound! :))))))

Hope the chickees and bees make their way home too.

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That is great news, @Espiritus_Corvus!!

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Thank you again, guys. Let’s hope nobody else has to post here.

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