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Have you noticed that The prince's Niccolò Machiavelli looks a lot like Sheldon Cooper?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (12441points) September 18th, 2017

From the Big Bang Theory The prince Sheldon Cooper

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And they’re never in the same place together…

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There you go, that must prove sumthin !

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Superficially perhaps, but nothing more.

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I believe your premise is backwards. It’s not that the Prince looks like Sheldon, but that Sheldon looks like The Prince.

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That’s just a cover someone drew for the latest edition. So what?

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Different chin, different eyes, different nose, different hair, different brow.
No, they look nothing like each other.

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That painting of NM always makes me think of Dick York (Darrin from Bewitched).

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I assume that the picture on the cover is just an illustration for the book, a picture of the “prince”. I seriously doubt that anyone knows what Machiavelli looked like.

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The cover is just the well-known portrait of Machiavelli that’s used on just about every modern edition of that book. The painting itself is more or less contemporary with Machiavelli’s life. Niccolo Machiavelli wasn’t exactly some obscure ancient figure. He was a well known writer and statesman who lived in the cultural heart of Europe during the cultural rebirth of Europe. Of course people knew him and knew what he looked like.

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You are right. I checked it out, and the picture is a portrait of Machiavelli.

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