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Why does my MacBook's display randomly resize itself?

Asked by MindErrantry (821points) August 13th, 2008

Sometimes when I turn my computer on, the resolution randomly switches to 800×600, which isn’t at all what I want. It’s easy to change back to the 1400x whatever display I like, but it’s still annoying! This is a recent trend, begun in the last two weeks (out of the 2 years I’ve had it). Can I stop this?

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did you recently install new software on your computer? do you have a monitor connected? Is this a MacBook Pro? When does this happen? can you leave your mac untouched for an hour and come back to see your screen resolution changed? or is it something that you can trigger?

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Yes, sorry, it’s a MacBook Pro. Nothing should have changed on the software front, nor do I have a separate monitor. It only happens when I’m waking it up from sleep; it’ll briefly show the desktop, then will go blue (as it is supposed to when changing resolutions) and return on the unwanted display size.

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Looks like some drive issues. have you tried software update?

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