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How do you think you'll celebrate your 100th birthday?

Asked by DoctorWhoGuru (162points) September 19th, 2017

fun question

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LOL. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. If I can just get home within the next three days, the first mate and I will celebrate with a steak and a bottle of Sangiovese.

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I’ll probably be dead and I doubt I’ll be remembered.

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^^Safe sailing and a following – but not swallowing – sea! I’m supposed to fly home tomorrow.

I’d like to celebrate my 100th making love with two fifty year olds.

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6 feet under hopefully.

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I will spend the day seeing if I can push a daisy through the earth and the grass to smile at the sun.

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Haunting places with the ghosts of my partner and cats for shits and giggles.

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stupefied with the realization that I lived that long. But I will recover quickly and resume my endeavors at being the most cantankerous and troublesome burden to my children as I can manage.

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By ridding this earth of my existence.

josie's avatar

Hopefully as a defendant in a paternity suit :)

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Demon orgy.

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I never celebrated it. I didn’t know when it was. On this current life’s 40 year old birthday I spent on hold for customer service for credit card and debt card, because I lost my credit and debit cards.

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By being completely shocked I’m still alive. No one in my bloodline has made it to 70 yet.

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Fave fun making everyone’s life absolutely miserable.

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Wonder why I am still here when no one in my family has made it past their mid eighties.

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Perhaps my kids will hold a seance to say g’day to me. Or if they sprinkled my ashes around a tree (as I’d like to happen), maybe they’ll come and visit me and spend a little time enjoying the shade under the trees’ canopy.

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I’ll celebrate it by being late to my 30K party! ;-D

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I intend to celebrate it by going to Disneyland and riding in the Cinderella Pumpkin in the parade. I only have 26 years to go, and they seem to be passing very fast.

My paternal grandparents lived into their later 80’s, my maternal grandmother passed her 97th birthday, and many other ancestors lived well into their 90’a, so I have a very good chance of getting there.

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Rubbing a dog or cat tummy. That’s probably all I’d be up for, but I would still enjoy it immensely.

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I will die at 40 due to alcoholism, just like my main man Poe.

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I’d be lucky to live half that long.

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I felt that way at your age. You’re young enough that by the time you reach 50, there’s an excellent chance there will be methods for halting the aging process, and by your 99th birthday you will have the option of reversing the aging process. There sre STILL advantages to being young.

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My concern is not for the natural aging process but rather the fact that my health is shit enough that I’ve already managed to have several near-death experiences at my age.

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Believe me, I hadn’t forgotten that.

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I have a hunch that you’re gonna go the distance. Me, I’m looking forward to all those inane questions from younger fools as to the secret of my longevity as I sit there drooling, unaware that some resentful third world attendant has purposefully neglected to change my diaper. I used to rehearse my answers when the younger grandson was around 5 or so -too young to appreciate that tactless questions might influence the hand wielding the ice cream scoop.

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Probably getting my diaper changed by an aide in the nursing home. That’s why I’m ok with going sooner.

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