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How much should it cost to stain a piece of wood furniture?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 13th, 2008

We have a bench (basically just four short legs) as well as a couple shelves we’d like to stain (perhaps 5ft x 1ft), from totally bare to a dark color like mahogany or deep brown/black—- how much will it cost?

(Any suggestions for brands of wood stain or where to get in the Bay Area are good too.)

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Woodcraft carries a good line of stains. Stain goes pretty far, so 1 1/2-pint can (@5.50 ea) should see you through this job.

These stains just tint the wood, they don’t actually provide surface protection. You’ll have to apply an oil-based finish over the stained wood to acheive that (there are products that do both but they give you less control over the tinting process). Woodcraft has a wide choice of finishes as well.

Here’s a map of CA Woodcraft locations.

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I agree with Harp. Depending upon the size of the piece of furniture and the brand of stain and finished you choose, total cost should wind up around $20—$25. That should include sandpaper, stain, cloths for application, finish, brush. All stains are not created equally. Woodcraft makes some good ones and I like Behr (Home Depot’s brand) also. Do a test on some other piece (same type of wood) to make sure you get the color you want. Find a finish that is oil based. Spray on Polyurethane may look easier but it will not give you the quality finish you want.

Have fun with it.

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My cat will do it for free….she’s an expert, too.

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