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Why do so many citizens think weed is a terrible thing even though it is the opposite of that?

Asked by Donkeyiscoming (48points) September 20th, 2017 from iPhone

What is up good people I already know why the government wants to keep weed illegal, so they can accept bribes from pharmaceutical companies who want to keep there addicting opioids in business because they know the truth about weed and how it can be a better alternative to their poison that they want to feed us, they know that if weed was legal then there “pain management” scheme wouldn’t make as much money. Now that I got why the government wants it illegal out of the way I was curious why the people think that weed is terrible even though all of this evidence is given to them and they still decide to blindly follow the governments lies. I know that some people strongly disagree with this subject and that’s alright I want to see opinions, views, and facts from multiple people your opinion. One final thing, please before you post your view on things I urge you, instead of being fed the lies about this miracle substance by your “wonderful government that always tells the truth”- not really, can you please just this once do your own research on the topic and look at multiple sources not just one that shares your opinion but multiple sites that explain both sides. I know that even though when you see the evidence you will still most likely not believe no matter how reliable the source. I would like to say ahead of time that I know this can be a sensitive subject so I’m sorry if I may have offended anyone from anything I have said.

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Because it has been drilled into peoples heads for decades that it is evil, and a gateway drug to harder drugs, and once started it will be a down hill slide to a life of crime and destitute .

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Although I do not partake, and support legalization, I do understand the criticism.

It is because marijuana in its many new forms is not completely harmless. The concentration and overwhelming strength can be devastating if not used carefully. I know a young man who, as a freshman at Univ. of Colorado, used legal marijuana and ended up with marijuana induced psychosis.

He is fine now, but he is still making up for a lost six months of recovery in which he was hospitalized for two weeks.

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@zenvelo I agree this “miracle substance” is not completely harmless.

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I also do not believe that weed is completely harmless, however I also do not believe that the government cares about people and their welfare. (else tobacco and alcohol would be illegal) Must be some money related thing.

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Your right I did exaggerate when I said weed is completely harmless but still there are only a few things bad with it the first is if you smoke it under 21 it can kill some of your brain cells but it definitely kills less than alcohol. Some people say it harms your lungs but it really doesn’t it is mostly the butane inhaled from the lighter. One more thing I don’t care how many people disagree weed does not cause cancer, some people have told solitaries that someone they knew smoked every day and got cancer and if that was the case it was the butane not weed and there are ways to avoid butane like dry herb vapes or hemp wicks. Weed is actually one of the few substances in the world that can help prevent and treat cancer. I will say that when I said prevent I did not mean cure some people get confused when I say that.

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