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I have an iPod touch and I love everything about it, except that when I go to a website (like and want to watch a video (like an episode of Monk) I can't because it doesn't have a flash player and I can't find a way to install one. If anyone knows how to get around this please let me know because I really can't figure out how to?

Asked by vthokies90 (1points) August 13th, 2008 from iPhone
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You cannot use flash on an iPhone or iPod Touch, Not yet anyway an app has not been released and there is not much chance of one being released in the near future. If it is a youtube video and you click it it will take you to the youtube app.

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I think you win the ‘longest question title ever’ award…!

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I’m guessing you haven’t had your iPod Touch long have you?

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Don’t count on seeing flash integrated anytime soon, adobe won’t allow apple to add flash compatibility to their mobile products (iPod touchs and iPhones). Sorry…

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it’s also a matter of resources, flash is pretty resource demanding, it would take a slimmed down version, so maybe in a few years…

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I was under the impression it was Jobs that was against flash on the iPhone, rather than Adobe…

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yea, i think it was cuz apple didnt want to put a slimmed down version on because it wouldnt be very good, and the iphone/ipod touch cant handle the full version, so they were trying to find something between the two, but i guess they never did.

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Well the thing that bothers me is iPhone and iPod Touch don’t support Flash at all, yet my Nokia N76 can run flash apps. So it definitely isn’t a matter of hardware resources.

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Lance, I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of of running Flash on the iPhone vs. the N76 (I have an N95 myself), but I’m willing to bet the folks at Apple know what they’re doing…

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