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What are the diseases transmitted through birds?

Asked by imrainmaker (6233points) 2 months ago

Are birds in general and pigeons responsible for transmission of any diseases to humans?

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Well, bird flu, obviously.

Aside from that, I guess chickenpox is not on the list, even though it sounds like it should be.

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Oh gawd, I hope nothing, I’m over zoonotic diseases. I would say they must have parasites capable of us ingesting?

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Avian flu, as mentioned above.

The only other two I remember are Parrot Fever, and Newcastle? I have no idea if those diseases have been around recently though.

I know pigeons are said to carry germs, but I don’t know if they mean a disease that jumps species, like the ones named above, or if they mean the bacterias on them can give you stomach illnesss? I really don’t know the specific concern with pigeons.

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