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What do you think of this law that supposedly allows Kentucky to have Bible Class in public schools?

Asked by Dutchess_III (37978points) September 20th, 2017

I haven’t checked to see if this is true, but lets say it is. What do you think of it?

IMO a comparative religion class in Jr. High or High School would be awesome, but to only offer Bible classes is wrong, unless it’s a private school.

Do you think a comparative religion class has any place in a public school? It would be under Social Studies.

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Just one more example of why “Ken-tuck-ieee” is an absolutely ass-backwards shithole of a state.

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It would be okay if they had a Koran Class and a Talmud Class. And maybe Baghavad Gita too.

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That would be awesome @zenvelo. And I agree. They should have bagels. With cream cheese.

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Someone should secretly swap all the bibles with satanic bibles.

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A comparative religion class would be great only if it includes atheism. At the very least, the Euthyphro Dilemma should be discussed.

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Wasn’t Kentucky the scene of the Scopes Monkey Trial in the 20’s? Or was it Tennessee? Not that there is much difference..,

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More backwards than sin.

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It was Tennessee. Although the defendant in the trial, John Scopes, was from Kentucky (Paducah, to be specific).

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Of course. They can’t make it a requirement.

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Give a dog a finger, and he will bite off your whole arm.
They are going to try it at some point.

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They will be sued and lose.

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It might be an elective, but I know these shitbilly teachers in these little shitbilly towns – they’ll try their hardest to nudge their students into this “elective” class.

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Probably. And if word gets back to the more intelligent parents….lawsuit.

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You’re assuming that there are many intelligent people in Kentucky. They are very few and very far between.

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LOL! I’m not going to make that assumption! I think people think the same thing about Kansas.

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