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Should recreational marijuana be legalized?

Asked by Donkeyiscoming (48points) September 20th, 2017 from iPhone

What is up good people I’ve already posted a question on this site that goes a bit more in depth on how marijuana is sadly and wrongly illegal. This is a much more simple question, I’m asking because I want to get a good idea on how many people on this website are pro weed or non weed, to help me get a better understanding of how people may respond to the subject.

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It already is.

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Hopefully, it’ll be in most parts of the world.

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Response to Rebbel: I meant legal in all the states I’m sorry I should have been more clear man. Wait is it really legal in every single state.

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@Donkeyiscoming It’s actually legal in the whole country.
Don’t know about the USA though (although I think it is somewhere around twelve states).
I was teasing you a bit (I was pretty sure you were asking about the USA), but there’s members from around the world frequenting Fluther.

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It absolutely should be. One can easily make the argument that it’s less dangerous than alcohol, which is legal. It just makes no sense to have one illegal and the other legal. It would negate a lot of extremely senseless jailings and bring in excellent tax revenue.

I live in MA where it was recently legalized. It’s now legal to possess marijuana, but there’s no legal way to obtain it! None of the dispensaries have opened up. However, it’s quite easy to obtain it illegally, and once you’re done with the transaction, you’re not breaking any law by possessing it, so it feels pretty low-risk.

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Yes man this went a little easier than I expected. If you guys know how you should visit my other question I’m looking forward to people’s views on the matter. Plus it has a couple of my main bs reasons why I think why the government wants to keep pot illegal.

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I don’t take use the stuff myself but I think it ought to be legalised.

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All drugs should be legalized. If it’s really important to keep them out of people’s hands, just require them to be purchase through Comcast customer service.

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It has been legal here for about year. As long as you have a drivers license or state issued ID and are over 18 you can walk in a store and buy it. Within about five blocks of my apartment there is to many places that sell to count.

There has been no noticeable effect with it being legal here. Except less people in jail.

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All recreation should be legalized.

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Yes, except for the part about other people having to smell the smoke. Smells like burning dog poop and/or dead skunks to me, even at long-range.

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@johnpowell There has been no noticeable effect with it being legal here. Except less people in jail.

Here there have been several noticeable effects. One is the tax revenue. Here in my town, they have broken ground on a new recreation center (the first in more than 40 years) using only revenues from the legal sale of cannabis.

Now the trick is to “de-stigmatize” the drug for medical professionals. This “stigma” is that of a so-called gateway drug. IMHO, the only gateway that cannabis opens for the user is the black market. If you have to go to a black-market dealer for your pot, chances are your dealer (or their supplier) has access to any number of other black market items. I actually witnessed this in the 1970’s. I knew a lot of people who used cannabis. Mostly, it was bought from a “friend of a friend”. Those same “friends” usually had access to LSD, mescaline and cocaine. They could probably have gotten heroin or prescription drugs, but nobody I knew was into those latter two. Cocaine, however, was different. When the US convinced Mexico to manipulate the market (by eliminating sources by burning and contaminating with paraquat), the retail cost went up, and it was just as easy and affordable to buy cocaine from the same “friend of a friend” you bought your weed from.

that is the gateway effect.

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Absolutely. I’ll go one further and say that all drugs should be legal. As long as you’re harming or harassing no one then what you do with your own body is your business and nobody else’s (and certainly not the state’s).

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@Darth_Algar But that is not the case. Many, many cases a day in and around my town where parents are overdosing in their cars or homes with their very small children present.

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And in many, many cases parents are sitting around getting drunk to the point where they cannot function with their small children present. Yet no one questions the legality of alcohol.

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The OP and your answer were about drugs. I answered accordingly. You changed it to alcohol.

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Alcohol is a much a drug as heroine is.

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and you always have to have the last word much like another jelly. Lol

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Oh well hell, if we can’t have an discussion then what’s the point? Must everything be a simple “yes/no”, “I agree/disagree”? I think comparisons to legal drugs are valid in the context of the question asked.

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