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Can a health care insurance provider just decide to drop the ACA aspects of their coverage?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44139points) September 20th, 2017

A friend of mine, who I grew up with, got this letter from his insurance provider, BCBS, and posted it on FB. It straight up says it’s no longer going to offer ACA compliant individual healthcare policies for 2018.

Isn’t that breaking the law? Can they do that?

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The guy who doing the complaining started out with “And the hits keep coming! Thank you U.S. Government for getting involved in our healthcare. 2nd time that we have had cancellation notices for “That plan we liked and were told we could keep”. Not to mention the outrageous premiums we have to pay for our current policies for a far inferior plan vs. the plan we had before “GovernmentCare”. Glad I’m healthy!”

Obvously he has had a problem with his perception of what the ACA is.

I said, ” You know, I’m not even sure what you’re complaining about. You’ll still have health insurance that you like and your premiums might even be lower. You just have to pick a different plan.
Whatever you had before the ACA was passed is what you’ll get this time. I’m not sure that’s a good thing though.
BTW, do you or your wife have a preexisting health condition? If they aren’t going to be ACA compliant they can refuse to cover you, you know.
They can also cancel your coverage if you have some catastrophic medical need.
They couldn’t do that under the ACA.”

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I think this letter is stating that they’re not offering any policies at all on the individual market in that location in 2018, not that they’re going to start offering a policy that isn’t compliant with the ACA.

They’re allowed to pull out of the market, so that’s not illegal.

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Well, why didn’t all the other insurance companies who had a problem with it opt out of the market instead of closing their doors?

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I’m not sure what you mean. Opting out of the market is closing their doors.

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I meant going out of business. They aren’t indicating they’re going out of business. They just aren’t offering ACA compliant plans any more. The customer will have different plans to chose from.

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No, they won’t. There is no such thing as a different plan that isn’t ACA compliant because like you said, that would be illegal.

I believe what this letter is saying is that this insurer is not offering any plans on the individual market in that area anymore (aka closing their doors) and that the customer will have to get insurance through a different provider now.

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OK. I think you’re right. So they are going out of business, at least in that area.

Thanks so much.

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No prob.

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