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What should I give my sister for her birthday in December?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) September 20th, 2017

So December 9th is my sister’s 13th birthday. I don’t know what to give her because I’m never home anymore.

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From a female person who also has a birthday in December:

Whatever you get her, make it NOT something from the “Christmas Gifts” section at your local big box store.

At 13, you can’t go wrong with a well-bound diary with a lock, and a selection of colourful gel pens. If she’s a fan of any particular shows/games/bands/whatever, anything related to that would be cool – I’m thinking throw blankets, pillow cases, t-shirts, etc.

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A sketch pad and colored pencils.

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What does your sister like to do and think about? Does she have a favorite band? Wouldn’t hurt to talk to her on the phone and find out what she is into. What if you got her tickets to a concert and took her when you were home in December?

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You can introduce her to Fluther. 13 is old enough to join .

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Subscription to a magazine that she likes. When my oldest brother went to college, he bought me a subscription to a monthly magazine with Alfred Hitchcock short stories. I still remember that to this day and I’m now 59.
A pair of nice earrings with her birthstone.

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Ask her over Thanksgiving dinner what music she likes. Then get her a CD,

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Guys, teenagers don’t use CDs these days. And unfortunately, magazines are mostly cosmetics adverts these days.

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Expanding on what @Hawaii_Jake said, high quality colored pencils and a “grown up” coloring book. Some of those are quite intricate and complicated.

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@marinelife She is starting a collection of Shawn Mendes t-shirts. Maybe I can get her another one. She also went to a concert last month to see her favorite singer who is her own cousin Shawn Mendes. OK she is obsessed with her own family member. Isn’t that weird?

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If she is a fan of her cousin Shawn, how about reaching out to him and asking for his assistance? Anything that he could send to you that he is willing to personalise to her, like a t-shirt, poster, etc.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I can’t ask him until he is done with his tour. He just postponed his show in new Mexico because of the earthquake so I have to wait. I know that my sister wants a life sized cardboard cut out of him.

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