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What happens to those "lost" texts?

Asked by Randy (11209points) August 13th, 2008

You know, the ones that you or your friends send that never make it to their destination. This seems to be happening to me more and more often. I’ve noticed it’s more common to have this happen when replying to a message. Anyone know what I’m talking about? My carrier is AT&T and I’ve noticed it occurs more often when I reply to someone with another wireless provider.

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I used to have that problem on Orange for about a week when I was with them. A call to customer service sorted it out.

Apparently, they occasionally update their SMS service centre number, and the handsets **should** update automatically but one in a million don’t. It was something like that.

If you give them a call, they should be able to help you sort it out by sending you one of those SIM update messages where you have to turn the phone off and then on again.

What happens to the messages? Black hole. They never get entered into the service database, so they never get pushed to the recipient or stored anywhere other than your phone, I’m assuming. Or George Bush reads them all.

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Are those who don’t have unlimited texting charged for the messages? By your response, I would assume the recipient would not be because they never receive it, but what about the sender? I have unlimited, I’m just curious and in hope that someone other than the machine I have to go through to talk to customer service can help me figure it out.

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Hah! I forgot that you guys pay to receive text messages. Sucks. Well, I would assume not… but you never know. I never thought to check to see if I had been.

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I’m pretty sure they are all living on an island with a whole bunch of unmatched socks and James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and Amelia Earhart.

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and Jimmy Hoffa, car keys and eye glasses.

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