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If you wrote your own cookbook, what types of food would you focus on?

Asked by DoctorWhoGuru (162points) September 21st, 2017

fun question

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and potatoes

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Sadly, very little that is healthy.

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Italian and maybe French

@DoctorWhoGuru you always just put “fun question” in your descriptions, you should put your own answer to your questions, since they are all interesting, fun questions. What types of food would you focus on?

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I’m a vegetarian, so that, but I’d like to have a section on items to bring to a party where the meateaters are skeptical about vegetarian food. Also potluck items and appetizers, crockpot dishes, vegetarian Christmas/Thanksgiving, and easy lunches to take to school and work.

With lots of beautiful photos. I hate cookbooks that don’t have photos, and taking lovely food phots is one of my hobbies.

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Blending foods. Not in a blender, silly.
It would focus on what side dishes enhance your main dish.
In an extreme example, you would never serve guacamole and potato salad with spaghetti.

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Traditional and comfort foods from all over the world.

I have a great idea for a cookbook but I doubt I’ll ever be able to pull it off. I want to call it ”Cooking with Grandma”.

No one cooks like Grandma, and I always find myself saying “I need an Italian grandma to teach me how to make this ricotta” or “I need a Greek grandma to teach me how to roll these dolmades right”, or “I need a Korean grandma to teach me how to make good dumpling dough.”

I want to find a grandma from everywhere to teach me how to make things their way and give up their own recipes. Yes, including the vague but perfect Grandma instructions (like, “put in enough of this” – how much is enough? – “I don’t know, enough. Not too much.”)

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BBQ would be the theme but would include all of the other soul food fixins like greens and mac. I also love cooking Thai and Indian inspired dishes.

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Specifically children.

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@ragingloli I was wondering, are certain children better sauted while others fried? Does it depend on the sex, age or cut of meat?

What about a for a luau, pit roasted or spit roast and what type of side dishes are apropos?

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Caucasian food. Also Pub grub.

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Indian food that’s easy to make. My very favorite cuisine.

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I don’t think I know how to cook anything well enough to put a cookbook together, but I love this question. I love baking though, so maybe something with breads, cakes, and other delights.

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I made a qbasic computer program in 1999 from the companies coming cook book that asks what foodstuffs that you have and tells you what you can make.

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Recipes from family. Each would have a story that goes with it. Some items might be eggrolls, stuffed shells, Passover candies, brisket, ground beef stroganoff, pipian, black bean soup, chicken captain, chicken Cuban (not Cuban at all) eggplant parmigian, salmon with tomatoes and dill, pound cake, almond cookies, and Coca Cola cake.

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Anything on the grill

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Vegetarian stews from all the world’s cuisines – Indian, Chinese, African, Mexican, etc.

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