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What texture do you crave in your comfort foods?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 13th, 2008

Sure, we crave different things and different times, but overall, what do you head for when you’re craving comfort? Is is always soft, creamy texture – like mac and cheese or mashed potatoes? Do you go for crunchy or chewy foods when you’re self-nurturing/indulging, or save those for celebratory times?

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anything very soft. I usually go for sweet stuff like ice cream but I also love mashed potatoes for comfort food.

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Usually something creamy and soft, like my mother’s chicken and dumplings.

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I’ll have to go with crunchy on the outside and creamy or gooey in the middle. Like my mom’s rice balls (arancini) with sauce and mozzerella, french fries with cheese and ketchup, eggplant parm, mac and cheese with cruncy bread crumbs on the top, Italian bread with butter or cheese, etc.

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@trudacia You just made me think of the ads for Taco Bell’s crunch wraps.

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something with a smooth sauce, usually some kind of cheese.

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@trudacia: I’ve never had arancini. They sound delicious. Well, actually, all of your foods do. I’m wondering if you will be fairly unique in craving a crunch for comfort. Of course, that’s why I asked this question!

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anything with fat on it. Isn’t that horrible? The underside of the KFC extra crispy skin…..terrible terrible….

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@mcbean…I guess not, rowenaz is loving some crunchy chicken skin and fat.

Regarding arancini, unless you have an Italian mom or live in Brooklyn I would suspect it’s unlikely that you’d find them at your local pizzeria. I could be wrong of course….

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Crunchy chips with some type of dip or finger food are the best comfort, I like variety of finger food the best. Now let me go to the store for some nachos with lots of cheese lol. (just joking)

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I need something with fat in it; something with a nice round, smooth mouth feel that actually feels like I’m eating something substantial. I find chocolate works well for this, plus you get the added serotonin boost, heh.

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Crisp and salty – e.g., popcorn, or those yummy hint of lime tortilla chips

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Chips and sometimes chocolate

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Something soft, like ice cream. Preferably involving chocolate!

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I was gonna say “warm to hot” but temperature isn’t a texture! Duh!!

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DandyDear, that’s okay! Temperature is key for many people, too. I didn’t even think about asking what temperature people preferred.

Folks, if there are other elements besides texture that you crave in your comfort food, please share those as well!

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A set of warm chocolate chip cookies topped with ice cream.


Noodle soup, chicken noodle or Vietnamese Pho.

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I like the crunch. I not only like the crunch I like it loud.

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@gooch: Loud comfort food? That is great! I’m very interested in all things comfort. I’m guessing the loud crunch gives your body some very good feedback, texturally and aurally. Makes you feel more centered, or something like that??

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McBean, now I’m craving my mother’s potato salad…it’s just that perfect mix of soft w/ a little firmness…it’s a true Southern Potato Salad. (I like other forms, but this is comfort food!)

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cak, does your mother’s potato salad have hard-boiled eggs in it? I love that combination of textures. It’s a whole playground for the senses!

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I’m wondering if comfort food cravings are primarily sensual (physiologically pleasing somehow) or emotional (attached to a happier time).

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@McBean: My potato salad has a whole dozen eggs in it.. and you should see what I do with the onion! It’s the secret trick ;)

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@McBean…yep! I’ve tried and tried to master her potato salad…not a chance!

@poofandmook…WOW, one dozen!! I’m so wanting some potato salad!

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if you PM me I’ll give you my recipe :)

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I like the crunchy stuff!

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Okay, poofandmook, look for the incoming PM.

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Wow, who woulda thunk it? This is the way y’all are weighing in:

6 people enjoy soft textures (trudacia and cak enjoy a combo)
7 like crispy/crunchy comfort (trudacia and cak like a combo; rowenaz also likes fat)
2 mentioned fat/smooth round mouth feel as prime factor
3 specifically mentioned chocolate
2 feel that warm/hot food comfort them best
3 specifically mentioned chocolate

Now, these numbers reflect each mention of a comfort food factor, so the totals add up to more than the number of entries so far. I’m surprised to see that the crispy/crunchies are more popular as comfort foods here among the flutherites. I was certain that soft would be the runaway choice. You learn something new every day.

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Looks like the cruchies have it so far!

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I’m thinking “Liquid” as in Scotch and Beer….
....mmmmm Comfort…....

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Ahhhhh…That kind of comfort. Sure.

NOTE: Jot one down for liquid.

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