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Would you like to join a mutual defamation support group?

Asked by wundayatta (58612points) August 13th, 2008

Most folks want to feel good. The defamation group is not for such people. There are a few for whom complements cause depression. This group is for those few.

If you think this sounds so weird, think of it as a form of reverse psychology. Excess criticism can get absurd, then funny, and often ends up making us feel good!

Do you want to join? Why? What makes you think we’d even let you darken our door?

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Daloon, good to see you haven’t lost your sense of (dark) humor!

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Because I am really inventive when it comes to imprecation. And that was a really wonderful question, daloon. (Is that truly your bottom? And the tattoos really there or did someone use iPhoto? What does the tattooee do when he wants to locate the Georgia that Russia has been attacking? Is s/he a contortionist?)

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if you think it’s gonna help it wouldn’t hurt to try…

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Let me see if I get this: a group to help each other by being discouraging to each other? I love it!...err, wait, hate it!......I’m confused!

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It works kind of like this. As I say, only for self-hating people.

Person 1: “You know, I’m no good at cooking.”
Person 2: “You know, you’re right. Remember that dinner the other night you made for me? I didn’t tell you at the time, but the roast was so hard, I ended up spending $3000 at the dentist getting my molars rebuilt.”
Person 1: “Oh god. I know. I’m always hurting my friends. It’s a wonder I have any.”
Person 2: “True. I’ve often wondered why I stick with you. In fact, lately, you’ve gotten me so angry, I’ve been having homicidal dreams.”

Well, you get the idea. When you feel bad, you seem to have a peculiar ability to make things worse and worse. When two people play this game, you confirm each other’s worst ideas in such a way, that, after a while, you start seeing how stupid it is to harbor such ideas. Then you start laughing, and sometimes, I swear, you laugh so hard, you can’t even breath.

At least, it’s happened to me like that.

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What?!! You’re asking me if I’d want to join and then telling me that explain why you’d want me to darken your door?!!

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Obviously, you’re a loser!

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Well, duh!

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How much of a loser are you?

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Hmmmm…..mud-slinging with accolades?!
You’re one twisted dude daloon….I like….

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