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Big forearms a good thing?

Asked by MoeCugar (139points) September 24th, 2017

A girl in class started talking to me . Convo started going. Then randomly she’s like you have big forearms. Me not knowing how to respond said is that a good thing? Then she winked at me . What does this mean?

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She probably thinks you are strong
Some girls like strong guys

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My friend says its because girls like getting choked during intercourse lol

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Not sure how those two things correlate with each other?
Big forearms and being choked?

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She is just flirting/ teasing you.

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No, girls don’t like getting choked during intercourse and it’s not even something to joke about.

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Yee my friend’s an idiot, dont know how he put choking and forearms together.
Anyways i guess she was just complimenting me

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Let’s admit a difference between choking, and strangling…

I’ve been with at least two girls, who liked ,at least a arm around their throat. They also liked hair pulling and being restrained. I’m a big guy, and seem to attract such girls. As with others above, I don’t believe the forearms are related, but I don’t claim to have an understanding of what is going on in a female’s head…

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A fixation from childhood on Popeye the sailor.

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To me the firearms and shoulders of an in shape man are the most physically attractive traits.

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What about abs and height

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What about personality?

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Let’s be honest here, if you look out a window and see a group of 5 guys . Its looks that will capture your attention not personality lol. Personality comes second

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You dress to impress but you speak to seal the deal

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@chyna I specifed physical attractiveness. The first things you notice before you get to know them. The personality trumps all of course.

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You dont normally see the abs in a public settimg. But strong looking forearms and shoulders suggest overall fitness.
Height is not so important. I prefer a man who is taller than me bit I dated a guy in college for two years eho was the same height I am.

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You’re missing the forest for the trees here.

She started a conversation with you, first, and then made an observation about your appearance that indicates “she noticed you”.

Run with that. Don’t make her commit to “Yes, it was a compliment,” but feel free to take it that way. She just wants to talk to you, dude. Talk to the girl!

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