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Does anyone know of anything I can do to get readdy to take Computer science classes?

Asked by redsgirl4eva (262points) August 13th, 2008

I am going into Computer Science at Strayer University online. I start October 6th,2008 and I would like to do anything that will help me to get ready for college in this field. Any suggestions?

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Number one in my book (if you do not already know how) is to become proficient at touch typing. Just learn the keyboard first, without having to look at it. The speed will come later. Be sure to learn the numbers and symbols as well. It will save you a lot of time and grief later and make the field more enjoyable for you.

Also learn how to use spell check and not only use it consistently, but make note whenever you do make an error and strive to memorize those words. First impressions are important, and grammar and spelling are vital for those. Proof anything you do by reading it to yourself aloud first. Many people speak English better than they write it and can catch errors naturally by doing so. I learned that trick from a prof in my very last course for my Masters and wish that I had learned it a lot sooner. There are so many out there in the world that don’t use proper English, that It will make you stand out when getting a job and could make or break it for you. Best wishes and good luck.

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1. Prepare your eyes for a beating. I guarantee you that you will be staring at a computer screen for extended amounts of time.

2. Work meticulously but efficiently. Syntax errors will be a killer. They killed me ever so slowly…...

3. Whatever topic you are studying, make sure that you know it in and out before doing a homework assignment. This seems like a no brainer, but believe me, when you miss a tiny bit of information in lecture, it could cost you many, many hours spent staring at a computer screen. I learned this the hard way…

4. Enjoy the glorious moment when you finish coding something. If as the class goes on and you find out you don’t like it but want to finish it, then this tip should ease the pain. If this subject is your cup of tea, then this tip will only snowball into a gigantic boulder of motivation. I’d have to say that my boulder of motivation is large enough to have its own gravitational field. =)

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In computer science, the internet is your friend more so than in any class you take. You can find plenty of examples to help you if your stuck because not all computer science books are created equal. Don’t be afraid to look at other books for help as well. One of the best things about programming is also one of its weaknesses. You can do things multiple different ways which can make things confusing. When you find a way that works for you, stick with it. It will help you in the long run.

Most important, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most professors are more than happy to explain something as long as they know your trying.

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