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In the French pronunciation of "au jus," is the final "s" silent?

Asked by joseslepian (1points) July 25th, 2007
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I would pronounce it "aw joo"

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Yes, the "s" is silent. It's "oh zhoo".

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Xenopli is e after the s .A trickier word is "plus;" when the "s' is silent, it means one thing; when pronounced, a whole other collection of meanings. And "oh" is much closer to "au" than "aw." And for the soup, vichyssoise, the ending is "swaz," and not swa," due to final e. All sound better when said while holding your nose :-)

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I speak Cajun French and the "s" is silent also

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i confirm that “s” is silent
i practice french by learning it by heart.

i hightly suggest to practice french dictation
i know a french site with french dictation, it s free and very usefull to practice and improve
the pronunciation is good and slow for begginer. there is also lots of videos to improve pronunciation

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