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Is there some other freedom that's more important than driving, for Saudi Arabian women?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 26th, 2017

Is there some other freedom or some other freedoms more important than driving, for women in Saudi Arabia or wherever else they don’t have equal rights?

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I’ve tried a few times re. the second link.

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”...or wherever else they have equal rights?” What? Women in Saudi Arabia do not have equal rights. They can’t even drive. The new law will take effect next summer allowing them to drive. It’s a horribly regressive regime.

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oops I meant don’t have…

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The last time I heard, Saudi women weren’t allowed to go out in public unless accompanied by a male escort. If that’s still the situation, what’s gained by a driver’s license? Is it really a leap forward if a woman can drive, provided that her father, husband, or son is in the car with her? What freedoms are gained?

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I believe the male guardian thing is also no longer applied or soon won’t be.

I don’t understand ”....unless existing regulations require it,” part here:

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Being able to drive themselves around is one important component of freedom.

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My understanding is that they have very few rights that would be comparable to a western woman’s rights today. It’s important to note that women’s suffrage isn’t an ancient thing in America. Civil rights have only recently become a more acceptable reality. So we aren’t high on a horse in comparison.

More important than driving? Almost everything….

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Everything else.
The driving deal is just for show to help Westerners forget the following…
Radical Salafists all over the Middle East get money and ideological coaching from the Saudis. The Saudis are the primary funding source for all Sunni terrorist groups.
Plus, they gave you Osama bin Laden.

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I think it is extremely important.
First of all, their men see them as incompetant, frail, unintelligent.
Having this right will decide a great many things for the future.
Men will be watching, to see if women can handle the signs, the traffic laws, understand where they are, etc.
This one “Privilege” will tell many things about what the women are capable of. Driving involves a clear head, patience, eye hand coordination, and multiple simultaneous functions.
It may seem like a small thing to us, but it is a major opportunity for women to prove themselves.
If it goes well, I see other freedoms to follow. If it goes badly, it will set things back I am sure.
No, I think this might be the most important advancement for their women at this time. Little else could be a proving ground on so many levels.

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How about no one calling non minor females “girls”, which is something very

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I suspect that driving won’t make anyone “free” in Saudi Arabia. Much better for them would be for the United States to stop using Saudi greed, degeneracy, violence and fascism as a proxy for American “power” all over that part of the world and to substitute a deep pervasive cultural exchange. But of course I always a dreamer. Saudi/American economic and social fascism is the cornerstone of the current worldwide Sixth Extinction. While the world chokes in oil and slowly starves and the last ecosystems are destroyed, a few select Saudi women will drive to oppressive exploitative underpaid jobs THERE too. And one or two will look and act and get paid just like the very few rich women here. So what?

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