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Locking the car doors with passengers? Awkward?

Asked by heysupnm (286points) August 13th, 2008

Usually when I drive alone, I like locking the car doors. However, when there are passengers in the car, what should I do? If I lock the doors right away without asking I feel like a serial hitchhiker killer. What if I’m on a date? Should I just leave the doors unlocked?

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My car locks the doors automatically after about five seconds of driving. I have no choice. My car likes hostages, I guess.

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your just watching out for the safety of everyone inside of the car regardless if you are a serial killer or not ;P

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Some cars lock the doors automatically when you put them in gear and hit 5 mph.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Lock them in right away. If you’d like to inject a little humor into the situation then maybe you should put a huge plastic butcher knife with fake blood all over it on your passengers floor. Just look over at them say, “Don’t mind the butcher knife,” then go ahead and lock them in.

Seriously though, when I’m dealing with someone I just tell them straight out. This is my hang-up, you can either deal with it… or walk. I think most people can deal with locked doors.

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Umm… I don’t think anyone cares. I would never think anything of it if someone locked car doors when I am a passenger.

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It’s pretty standard to lock car doors when you’re driving. It’s a safety concern after all. I’m pretty sure no one will mind and that most of them should be expecting it.

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Car doors can always be opened from the inside.

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Why do you lock the doors?

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Yeah, it’s not like you’re locking them in. You’re just locking GTA style carjackers out.

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True Wilhelm, and if you have a central-lock there’s really nothing you can do if you tend to lock the doors, there’s not much you can do. I really think this is nothing to worry about.

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My wife locks the doors when I’m out of the car, and sometimes when I’m in it (and driving). It annoys me. I have this fear of the car going off a bridge, and being unable to get out, but she has a fear of criminals opening the door and kidnapping us all. Isn’t life wonderful?

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My wife laughs if I happen to lock the doors when we are on the freeway; she always says “what are you scared of the, the cheetah bandit?”.

Sometimes, as a joke, when passengers are in my car, I lock the doors and say “now, that I have you alone, I want to take the time to talk to you about Jesus”. If you knew me, this would be funny.

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I was robbed in france due to this. they opened our doors and grabbed our luggage on our way out of the airport. when driving in the city i’d recommend locking the doors. And as i said earlier, you can always open the doors form inside even if they’re locked.

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I always lock the doors. Most of my friends laugh and say it’s one of my silly and lovable quirks. I think they notice more than most would because the button is on the dash in my car, about halfway in between the passenger and the driver, so it’s really obvious.

I also lock the doors from the passenger side when Tim is driving. He also laughs at this, but it doesn’t bother me.

Tiny, I love that! I’m going to have to say that to my friends and see what they do!
<—- is a Jew

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I always lock the doors. It never occurs to me to ask. If I am a passenger in someone else’s car, I frequently lock my door.

Also I note that some say that if people are uncomfortable they can easily unlock them…..not necessarily true. My car has a safety feature where I flip a button and then I, as the driver have “complete control”. Noone can lock or unlock their door unless I do it for them or deactivate the switch. It is to prevent little kids from A) annoyingly flipping the switch back and forth and B) a child spontaneusly ejecting themself from my vehicle.

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There’s nothing wrong with locking the doors if it makes you feel safer. When someone is riding with you simply tell them you feel safer when the doors are locked. I doubt they will think you are weird for doing that, unless of course you start to foam at the mouth or something scary!

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I lock them so as not to be car jacked or have stuff grabbed. I also do it out of habit because I have small kids. My car, my rules I guess. Same with seat belts.

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My car doors lock themselves as well. I do feel safer with them locked…I don’t operate a taxi service, and everyone who rides in it is either related or close to me. Besides, it’s my car and I’m driving. I control the radio too. mine. all mine.

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Ahhh, the world we live in. Or at least build in our heads.

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I lock the doors for safety. It is not an issue.

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