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What's the best way to watch the Olympic gymnastics that have happened so far (hopefully online)?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 13th, 2008

Without a TV and traveling the last several days I’ve had to miss a lot of the gymnastics I wanted to watch (I’m also curious about some of the swimming and other things)—- how can I most easily watch it online? I went to and found some clips – but they were all montage-type deals (best/worst moments, interviews, etc), and I want to watch the whole routines, preferably in the order they happened. Perhaps I wasn’t finding the right part of the site, which is pretty cumbersome to navigate. Now today it says I’m not a subscriber to the appropriate TV service and therefor not authorized to watch the online videos at all! [wtf.]

Now I’m settled and hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll get a craigslist tv/vcr and start recording it, but what’s the best way to catch up?

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Try Hulu. They may be the same videos as though…

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