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What makes you think your house is haunted?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 13th, 2008

Have you seen things? Heard things? Felt things? Do your pets react to seemingly nothing at all? Is there a story behind the odd goings-on in your house? Are you scared?

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is there anyone who even thinks their house is haunted ? the only thing wrong with my house is that i have to share it….

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Only when the Inlaws comes over.

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A certified ghost tracker puts this forward as a leading cause of perception of paranormal phenomena.

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While I believe these things are possible (whatever the reason) I have never seen anything like this. However, I know people who are very credible that have told me their accounts of these mysterious happenings. These include figures floating; voices communicating through telepathy; orbs appearing and laughing; water running in a bathroom after being shut off numerous times; empty liquor bottles on the table when no one was home (oh, wait. That was my ex-husband when he broke into my house.) and specters in a hotel hallway. (I stay at that hotel frequently but have never seen anything, nor do I want to).

All of the people who have seen or heard these things seem to be in tune with this, what I call, natural phenomenon. I am not in tune, thankfully.

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The house I’m in right now is where my grandmother died and upstairs it gets unusually cold sometimes and my dog has stared barking at nothing and has been afraid to come in the house even when it’s like 95 degrees outside. One day I thought I heard voices but I think it was just the TV when I was listening to music, but doors that were constantly used by my grandmother and not very many other people have been opened and closed even though me and my grandfather have never touched them. Also when I was in the restroom in midday when my grandfather was at work, someone/something knocked on the bathroom door, and a little later I heard the water turned on in the master bath.

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I think believing that there are ghosts in your house is like believing the Cleveland Browns will win the Superbowl.

It’s a lot of fun to believe, but you’re fucking dumb.

Actually, it’s probably more likely that there is a ghost in your house….

Go Browns

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My daughter is absolutely convinced there is something in our house. Not evil…we’re not hearing, “get out” just some very odd sounds and doors that were shut are open. Of course, it could be my husband driving her crazy…they like to do that to each other.

My animals act very odd in one room. They seem to move for something, they will never sit on a certain part of the couch…and all the other furniture in the couch, they have no problem completely occupying the furniture, to the point of making you move.

Our house was bought in as is condition, at an auction. The owners died – not together and not under bad circumstances and yes, I did ask if anyone died in the house. We’ve completely gutted and remodeled the house…maybe we ticked the previous owners off…they’re probably sitting there glaring at us! :)

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Well for starters, the Boogie Man lives in my closet and I’m convinced the ghost of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins lives under my bed.

It’s effin’ scary around here.

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Our house creaks like a mofo. Also, I frequently see movement in my peripheral vision.

@tonedef, I’m going to look into the CO issue. Thanks for posting that.

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My cats use to freak out sometimes, they would both be side by side backing up and hissing at something in the air….
And one time I was watching tv in the living room and all the sudden the back door and the front door flew open at the same time (and I know that both doors were double locked because I have ocd about locking every door behind me and I was the only person home that day).....that freaked me out so bad, I ran out of the house in my pjs and had to get my neighbor to go back inside with me LOL…..

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My grandfather had this TV from the ‘80s. When he passed away, we left the TV plugged in to the wall socket. It turns itself on. I repeat. The inanimate object can turn on at very random times.

Unless we press the on/off button, there is absolutely no other way for us to recreate the powering on and off the TV. No sudden movements, no wind blowing at the TV, no shaking, no power surges, no nothing. The damn thing turns on at random times.

Well, maybe not random times. I noticed that the TV turns on when my parents and/or I are going through tough times, so I guess if you believe in the supernatural, then that’s the only explanation for this. For that same reason, we don’t want to leave it unplugged. If it is the supernatural, then we sure as hell don’t want to piss them off.

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For those of you who don’t believe in ghosts, that’s fine. I love hearing these stories. I’ve grown up in a family culture that – for the most part – believes. Some more than others. I have usually pooh-poohed it, until odd occurances happen to or around me. Then I am a believer…for a short time, until I find some way to explain the whole thing to myself. So, I’m right on the fence, but wanting to be tumbled onto the believers’ side because it seems so much more interesting over there.

I’ve had a few experiences that I haven’t quite been able to explain away, and yet I have a hard time just accepting them at face value. I had a roommate in college (we lived in the creepiest old house near campus) who would eat mushrooms (you know the kind) and then yell at “the ghosts” in the house to prove that they were there. Inevitably, the front door would open and slam. When she challenged “the ghosts” in her bedroom once, her bedroom window slammed shut and the glass broke into the room. Of course, we would all shriek and run out of the room whenever “they” proved their presence. We loved the spookiness of it all. But none of us would go into the house alone and two of our cats would hiss at random walls at random times.

I’ve had three or four other experiences more recently that still niggle at my mind. Though I can’t quite explain the physics behind them (my degrees are in psychology and cultural anthroplogy – not physics), I have a sinking feeling that they are a result of the boring old physical world. I would much rather have them be whispers from beyond. That would be so much cooler!

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yes, i’ve felt presences and know “they” are there, my house used to be a WWII hospital and the dark basement where no one ever goes, was used as the surgery room for the 40’s, i expect to traverse down there sooner or later to investigate.

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Babo has seen a ghost before, believe it or not. I thought the idea was BS until it happened to me. Wasn’t my house though, I was dog sitting. The dog saw it too and ran after it like he wanted to play with it or something!

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in tough times when there is negative energy, these beings use the energy to power themselves and can make things move, when very strong they can possess, or even KILL a human being use caution and maintain happy feelings.

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Many years ago we had a spirit,ghost, prescense, whatever you’d call it, in our house. We have a l00 year old house and we converted the basement to a rec room. My Westie would go down there and just stare and bark at the wall, until I made her go upstairs.

Also, radio stations would change, video games would play by themselves – I rember Mario just knocking out those turtles, and there would be cold blasts of air going by where the hairs on my neck would stand on end. Both of my daughters stopped going down there – they both said it was cold, and they got a feeling like someone was watching them.
I had a friend, who had a friend who supposedly talked to spirits. He called them “angels”,but I don’t think angels would be doing stuff like that! As soon as he came to the house he asked for the spirit to make itself known. My dog started barking like a maniac. So the guy was asking him questions, and then he’d tell us what this spirit said. He told us there had been an Indian tribe that had lived in our area (we are 3 blocks from the Delaware river), and this guy lived there at one time. He told us the guys name, and even drew a symbol of the guys tribe on a piece of paper.
Supposedly the spirit wasn’t evil, and didn’t want to hurt us, but I don’t believe that. Nobody wanted it around. There was all kinds of anger and fighting and bickering going on in the house. We kept telling it to go, and ignoring it, refusing to get into fear. It finally left. We could all feel the difference in the atmosphere of the house.
True story.

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So the Native American was playing Mario? Bad ass!

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I, myself, have never seen or felt anything…but: I own a 1920s duplex, live in one side and rent out the other. My 2 cats frequently meow like crazy in random areas, especially at the (creepy) basement door, and one of my tenants asked me on the day after he moved in if I thought the house was haunted, because he felt a “presence” here. He didn’t stay long!

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@wrestlemaniac: it is 2:14 A.M. right now. I just read your response to my post. I am officially freaked out. I may not sleep tonight.

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Oh sweet Jesus. Guys, I think an IPU just came into my room! I don’t see anything, but everything suddenly seems more cheerful.

Ooh my god, I just felt a chill run down my spine.

I’m so freaked out.

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try don’t worry i’ll send one of spiritual guards to protect you as you sleep. :)

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Isn’t that what Jesus is for?

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yeah well jesus has a lot to do at the moment i don’t think he has time to be everywhere at once, so use one of my guards, if you need any just ask. :)

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Isn’t that the point of omnipresence and omnipotence?

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Santa Claus with lightening bolts?

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please explain what you’re getting at trumi?

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Nothing, nothing. Just a bitter atheist who thinks he’s funny.

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@trumi- You have the right to your opinion, and you already gave it in your first answer. Stop mocking everyone, your making yourself look like a fucking jackass.

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oh i’m an athiest am i!??..heh, okay….

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kid he was talking about himself

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very well then, i forgive myself.

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I am a jackass :D

Sorry, I’m done. I was done a few posts ago….

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it’s okay i forgive you too.

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