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Why is the term MotherF***** used to insult men, but women aren't insulted with the term "FatherF*****"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46937points) October 2nd, 2017

MotherF***** can be used broadly, but most often against men. Why MF? Why not FF?

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Because mothers tend to enable children. Most fathers don’t. I would like to know the origin of this saying. Sounds Freudian. It is like hiding under mom’s apron.

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Pretty sure it originated on the streets. It’s implying that a guy has sex with his own mother. I don’t think it has anything to do with enabling.

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@Dutchess_III Then I have no clue. I will lurk and listen to other answers.

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It has its origins in Oedipus Rex, an Athenian tragedy by Sophocles. Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother.
Something the public education system would never address under any circumstances.
While the notion may have had charm to the ancient Greeks, it had no charm to early Christians and Sigmund Freud.
The Oedipus complex, being described by Freud, is a disorder. A motherfucker is a sick fucker according to Freud.
Look it up.

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I’m talking about popular usage by people who have never heard of Oedipus Rex or Freud. They have no clue where it originated, but they recognize the suggestion as the ultimate insult. It seems, by extension, the term FatherF***** would come into being. I think that a girl having sex with her father is as as abhorrent to us a guy having sex with with his mother.

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I guess it just proves that contemporary politics, with all its corruption and fallibility, is more significant than history.

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It would be “father f***ee” rather than “mother f***er.” The “er” gives it, the “ee” gets it.

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Because b**ch and c*nt are effective enough.

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@kritiper they both “get it.”

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And you should also add that such thing is more prevalent for native speakers. People who learn English as their secondary language like me tend to not dicriminate its usage based on gender (if we must use it). As for how hurtful it might be for the recipient, I believe it really depends on the relationship between the people involved and how each individual perceive certain foul words. Why not FF? Just like any other words, I believe the custom for this usage have rooted long ago that people won’t bother to change it as it’s practically unnecessary.

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@Dutchess_III No they don’t! One is on the inside and one is on the outside! Big difference!

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Well nasty people who use that word isn’t likely to concern themselves with grammatical correctness!

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In popular usage it’s just a generic catch-all exclamation that may be, but often is not, sometimes used as an insult. Don’t overthink it.

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I don’t know but if I had to guess, its because for many years, it was primarily men who called each other names? Women had to be ladies and such language coming from a lady was unheard off till the last few decades. But there are a ton of other names for women. Bitch, slut, tramp, whore, cun*. So maybe Father F*** would’ve been over kill.
For men. Son of a Bitch and Mother****** are generally the most common. And Ass is a general insult for everyone.

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