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Do so-called "energy drinks" really give you more energy?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10127points) October 3rd, 2017

There seems to a proliferation of “energy drinks” these days. The supermarket shelves are full of them.

All marketing hype aside, do you drink them, and do you really think that they give you more energy?

Just wondering why they are so popular.

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It is mostly sugar and caffeine.
So you might as well drink a cola.

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Put two tablespoons of sugar into a cup of strong coffee, and you have a cheap energy drink. Save yourself the cost of the hype and the aluminum can.

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It’s mostly the caffeine. I totally avoid energy drinks and coffee because of the risk of having a heart attack. It doesn’t take much. A boy close to my age died of a heart attack and all he had was a mountain dew and 2 coffees.

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They also have lots of other stuff that sound kind of dubious, like taurine.

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I really like cold brew black coffee as alternative to energy drinks. This is something I’ve tried –

It is powerful but I need only use a small amount and sometimes I mix a bit almond milk or whatever to dilute it a bit.

A side note though some of the vitamins and extra stuff like ginseng isn’t bad for you but the amount and coupled with other unnecessary extras make it go overboard.

If I remember right studies were saying 150–200mg of caffeine is at the most you should consume in a day. Depending on tolerance maybe up to 250–300mg but that is pushing it.

It also talked about how excess caffeine, constantly being stimulated can “burn out” your adrenal glands.

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