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Mom's to be, and moms, what did you used to eat in the first three months of your pregnancy? did you had the morning sickness? i have that all day by the way...

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) August 13th, 2008

im nauseous all day, i cant eat too much, i vomit at least 2 times daily, and im 9 weeks pregnant,,, it was the same with my first little baby… So, could you eat something? did you vomit? nauseous?

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I had spontaneous vomiting. As in no warning. It made for an exciting few weeks. Whenever you can, try to eat something that is good for you…...I would try to eat a little bit of peanut butter when I was at my worst…..just to get a little bit or protein/fat into my system.
I had to take prescription anti nausea medication with one pregnancy and could take over the counter stuff with the other. (Obviously discuss with your OB first if you consider this….)
Is this your first pregnancy?
(Congratulations on the baby, BTW)

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hi, its my second… but i feel aweful!

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Ick. I am sorry. I feel for you. I remember whining to my husband about the naseau during my first pregnancy. His reponse: “Well at least it will only last a few months….”
I THINK he was trying to be sympathetic. But I wanted to throw a shoe at him….

Eat anything that you can that sounds good to you and is relatively healthy. Milkshakes? Fruit? Turkey sandwich>

I remember I craved cilantro during one pregnancy. Weird!

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Snoopy, LOL, cilantro?? all i have been eating is potatoes, apples, peaches, beans, and some potato chips, spicy foods, during my first pregnancy i totally hated tomato saucee, and this one too, i was working at subway, can you imagine a customer to ask me for a meatball sandwich???!!?? i had to hold my breath!

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Ewwwww. I remember when I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and called my OB. She gave me prescription anti-nausea medication. As soon as it kicked in, I ate like a horse. Milkshake, huge sandwich, chips, cookie. And then slept like a baby. Ahhhhhhhh.

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oh, i have my anti-nausea prescription, but now i have to take four pills for an infection, plus my prenatal vitamins, the anti-nausea pills are that good? i will really be able to eat and not vomit and sleep and awake without nausea?

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Sorry to say that I (and my sister) must have been among the rarities. Neither of us had nausea or vomiting during our two pregnancies each. I had an aversion to red meat, and other specific foods. With second pregnancy, I had severe heartburn and lived on milkshakes.

Congratulations on baby number two, by the way.

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I got nauseous for most of my 1st Trimester but it does get better. I ate anything that I craved and alot of soups.

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It was 24 years ago since my last one but I had cravings for butterfinger candy bars then I would get really bad heartburn and drink milk. I was working in a hospital and it became a nightly ritual.

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The anti-nausea pills are great I had to have them for both pregnancies and I got to eat almost everything but I still could not even be around when eggs where being cooked or ate ewwww. weird thing though is one time I craved them then I told my boyfriend to get them the heck away from me then went in the bathroom and threw up because they were so close to me. Eggs were awfully during my whole pregnancy but now I can’t get enough of them.

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I only threw up one time during my pregnancy and I think it was because I had 2 cups of strawberry milk in like 5min, that was the extent of my morning sickness.

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Yes…..the anti nausea pills really worked that well for me. I had (Rx) phenergan for the first pregnancy and then used anti-nausea over-the-counter stuff for the second. The medication made me very sleepy. So take that into consideration. It kicked in about 30–45 minutes after taking it…....

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My cousin was in the hospital for almost a week because she was getting such bad morning sickness.

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I had severe nausea till week twelve with my three pregnancies. I would eat a bowl of cheerios with ice cold milk or top ramen for substinance. Smells bothered me more than anything so a lot of times I would use a swimming nose plug to be able to eat.

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My mom had pretty bad morning sickness, and she swore by Nilla Wafers – had a box with her at all times, and it was the only thing that made her feel better…

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If the nausea is bad enough for medication, sometimes you have to try a few to find one that works for you. So don’t be afraid to tell your doctor if the medication you were given isn’t working. After three medications I finally had one that was enough to make me stop vomiting but I still had nausea and was unable to eat normally. I ended up losing 35 pounds due to sickness. It finally eased up around 22 weeks and returned during the last month of pregnancy.

One thing that helped me was to not drink any liquids 30 minutes before or after meals. I had a hard time keeping liquids down. I found that popsicles made it easier to keep down than regular drinks.

Good luck and congrats!

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Dragon? You are STILL here?

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oh, ick!

Morning sickness was the norm for me, not the exception! My doctor told me to keep crackers next to the bed, eat one before I did anything…even sit up. I don’t think it necessarily worked; however, it was worth a try. I couldn’t brush my teeth without feeling ill! They eventually gave me Zofran, quick tabs, for nausea. They worked, sometimes.

I just tried to do my best. Ate small meals, drank as many fluids as possible. I stayed away from greasy meals and too many heavy foods.

Oh, one last thing. I made sure everyone stayed out of my way – I mean, a clear path to the bathroom!

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@gail Yep. This is one stubborn little boy. What happened to the doctor saying I was going to be early? Today was my second due date. Big sigh.

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Dragon. My first was a week overdue. I thought I was being punished. What misery. I feel for ya’.

My second had the courtesy to come on her due date. :)

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@snoopy Thanks! I feel worse for my husband than myself! His job keeps having him do overtime with no end in sight until he goes on leave. Poor guy, he’s praying for this baby to come!

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Dragon…..LOL…..I will post a question for your entertainment… on the lookout!


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@snoopy Ok I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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I bet he will be born tomorrow! He just wants to wait until the 15th so he can share his birthday with ME….and Ben Affleck! ; )
When he decides he wants to come out….Dont be a hero….take the epidural

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