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Ibstubro tribute. Halloween approaches. What's your favorite candy then (as a child) and now (as an adult) ?

Asked by Patty_Melt (17519points) October 3rd, 2017

I have been frustrated with how political things have been on Fluther.
I find myself wishing for ibstubro, and how well he diverted moods with some unusual questions.
If nobody objects, I would like to revive some of his sweet gems, and see where it goes.
No GQs, these are not mine. I just want to have some fun, and spend time with a friend.

Love you Stu. Miss you.

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I don’t do Halloween, never did either (it’s not a thing in the Netherlands), but I can tell you my favorite candies.
When I was a small boy it was black marshmallowy mice (amongst many, many other candies).
Today, everything really that is sweet.
I have to seriously hold back on added sugars these days, but every now and then I really like a piece of chocolate pie!

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as a kid
Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

as an adult
Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups

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I am not sure what candies I liked as a kid. I was always more into cookies.

As an adult I like dark chocolate. I have cut back on sweets and now find that I can’t eat things that are overly sweetened.

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Peanut chews, but I’ve never received them in my Halloween bag. They were a classic candy, and hard to find, even when I was a child. My grandma used to buy them. I still find them in big candy stores.

M&M’s. I like plain or coffee flavored.

Baby Ruth.

Hershey’s nuggets (plain chocolate or the caramel).

Peanut butter cups.

Peppermint patty.

Lindt in the red wrapper.

Pecan turtles. Yum. With big pieces of pecan. Cella’s chocolate covered cherries (I recently found out I was born in chocolate covered cherry day). Both are not a Halloween candy.

I’ve always liked all of these, except it’s worth mention Hershey didn’t make “nuggets” when I was a kid and M&M’s didn’t have a coffee flavor then either. The Hershey bar was thicker back then though. Actually, as a kid I preferred Nestle, but my mom was a die hard Hershey girl.

As a kid I liked a lot of non-chocolate candies like dots, candy necklaces, bubble gum, Necco’s, jolly ranchers and skittles. I rarely eat these now, and when I do it’s just a few.

Story time: I’ve told this story before, when I was a girl we didn’t have much money, and my mom always hated waste. My mom would buy a couple of bags of candy to give out. My sister and I would trick or treat halfway around the neighborhood, and then come home and give her the candy we didn’t like. She would give that out the rest of the night, and we would go back out and get more candy for ourselves.

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Nestle’s milk chocolate bars or Nestle’s Crunch™ bars

Lindt dark chocolate bars or Mounds™ bars

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Mounds! One of my fav’s also. How did I forget that?

I love candy. Lol.

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Heath Bars and Skor

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Candy corn then, candy corn now, candy corn forever. Cant beat it with a stick.

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Then: DeMet’s Pecan turtles

Now: Russell Stover’s Pecan clusters
Cadbury’s Roasted Almond Bar

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Then: Big Hunk
Now: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (Full Size)

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Malted Milk Balls
Chocolate peanut clusters

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As a kid: Whatchamacallit

As an adult: anything chocolate and caramel,so like Twix, Milky Way, stuff like that. And Heath bars. And Ferrero Rocher.

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I used to prefer peanut butter stuff. Not a fan of sweet stuff anymore really.

We used to go to a dentist’s house, and the bastard would give out toothbrushes. We were like WTF. Looking back, I have no idea why we even went to his door. He gave out toothbrushes every year…

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Chunky – milk chocolate, raisins, peanuts. Yum!
Payday salted nut roll by Hollywood

Lindt chocolates, slightly warmed. I like to push my tongue into the soft creamy center.

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My favorite candies have always been Snickers and SweeTarts. Hasn’t changed. As a kid I loved getting mini-Snickers in my Halloween bucket, along with those small paper packs that contained three SweeTarts (I don’t think they make those anymore).

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^I’ve recently seen the little packets of Sweettarts. Fear not:)

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As a kid: Butterfinger
As an adult: Heath Bar

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Then: Malted Milk Balls

Now: Bananas or piece of fruit.

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Oh what delicious answers!
It is wonderful how so many have dived in on this.
I am going to continue reviving ibstubro’s fun, interesting, and non dangerous questions.
I do miss seeing the topics he would think to bring up.

Wow. Some of these responses have brought back for me candies I had forgotten.

Malted milk balls are the bomb!
I remember Skor, haven’t had one in a long time. Like Heath, but somehow more depth in the flavor.
Candy corn, YES! Always and forever. Sometimes important to eat them by color segments.
Black marshmallowy mice? Intriguing. I’ve never seen any.

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As a kid, pretty much all candy. We even liked those fake cigarettes that had powdered sure blowing off of them to simulate smoke. We even like those candy bracelets, even though they were nasty to eat and sticky to wear.

As an adult, I go with the mini sized real candy bars like Milky Way and Snickers. And Payday. Mmmmm, Payday!

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Remember Powerhouse candy bars? Damn those things were good…

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Powerhouse was my preteen fave! I hate that they are gone.

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Hm. I’ve seen them. I don’t think I ever tried one.
Remember collecting the stamps from the side of the Icee cups? It was like BINGO to find a cup in the field that hadn’t had the stamp torn off! Like finding money in the pay phones.
When I grew up I started deliberately leaving change in the phones for the kids.

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Pay phones?
What’s that?

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My brother looooooved Marathon bars.
Anybody remember those?

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As a child: Malt Balls, Hershey’s Kisses, Planter’s Peanut Bar, Charms lollipops, Dots, Sugar Daddies, Starburst, candy necklaces, Zots, Jolly Ranchers, Hershey’s candy bar with almonds, Krackel candy bars, Chunky candy bars, string lollipops (the kind that you could loop on your fingers), rock candy, Smarties, Pixie Stix, and red vines. And I just saw Dominic’s Sweet Tarts in the tiny packages pick. Yes!

As an adult: Malt Balls, See’s candy (chocolates from California), Snickers, Kraft caramels, Werther’s caramels (the hard ones), Dove milk chocolate bars, Snickers, Andes Creme de Menthe Thins, salt water taffy, milk chocolate almond clusters from the bulk bin at Sprouts.

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Gummy bears then. Gummy bears now.

A mid-life addition to my candy/treat list – the wondrous Lemonheads. Discovering Lemonheads was perhaps the best part of a trip to Salem, Ma.

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Theater candy: Junior mints! Sweet n Tarts!

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M&Ms – melt in your mouth, not in your hand! Movie popcorn with butter – let’s go to the show, yo!

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Movie pop corn with butter! OMG! So greasy, so yummy!
When we made pop corn at home Mom threw an entire stick of butter in it!

Those drive in theaters were shameless, weren’t they!

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That’s what made them so much fun ; )

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Well damn, I followed that link and viewed 12 minutes of mouth watering nostalgia, and no movie? What happened to Hopalong Bill and the Outlaws From Mars?

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Just had Twizzlers in a movie.

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And the Harrod Experiment? The Exorcist!

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Great drive in movie fare!

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And, The Amityville Horror. Scare you done dead.

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